After it was reported that Jason Kelce turned down a chance to support his wife Kylie, fans hailed him as a “real man.”

Fans love the retired NFL player and his wife Kylie’s relationship.

Fans praised Jason Kelce after hearing that he reportedly declined to give a commencement speech at Villanova University this year because his wife Kylie Kelce was speaking at her alma mater, Cabrini University.

The conversation started when a fan took to X, writing, “So I just found out Jason Kelce was supposed to give Villanova’s commencement speech but declined so he didn’t take the spotlight off Kylie giving Cabrini’s last speech? That’s a man right there.”

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They didn’t cite a source for their information, and as of writing, neither Jason, Kylie, nor Villanova have confirmed or denied the claim. But fans seemed to think it could be true, and many complimented Jason for supporting Kylie, both in general and in this reported instance.

“He never lets an opportunity pass to allow Kylie to shine 🥹,” replied one fan, while someone else commented, “That’s a man who knows and sees and respects his wife as a person and best friend.”

Another noted that Kylie seems to be doing more public activities now that Jason has retired from the NFL, writing, “Seeing Kylie out and do events so much more now that Jason is done football is such a sight to see. Her time to shine ✨.”

When a different fan posted about the claim on Instagram, fans praised Jason as a “real man.” One declared, “I cannot LOVE this enough! ❤️.”

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Kylie gave a commencement speech at Cabrini University on May 19, talking a bit about her family, including her husband’s history of delivering “pretty earth-shattering speeches,” and joking that the graduates should “lower those expectations” because he didn’t help her write the speech.

But despite that, she gave a bright and charming speech, telling everyone to “find the things that speak to you. Your enthusiasm can be channeled to create change, and you are wonderful the way that you are.”

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