Angelina Jolie Speaks Out About Brad Pitt Holding GF Ines de Ramon’s Hand at British Grand Prix, Fans Call Her Angelina Lookalike

Brad Pitt set hearts racing after making a rare public appearance with his new girlfriend, Ines de Ramon, at the British Grand Prix. Photos of the couple attending the event have gone viral, with Brad holding Ines’ hand as they made their way through the crowd. The 60-year-old actor, who shares a 26-year age difference with his 34-year-old girlfriend, did not shy away from making their romance public. However, fans couldn’t help but notice how similar Ines looks to Brad’s ex-wife, Angelina Jolie.

For the outing, Brad sported an all-white outfit paired with a zipped-up yellow jacket and matching hat. Ines, a jewelry executive, wore a blue dress and was seen smiling as she followed Brad’s lead.

Fans quickly took to social media to comment on the striking resemblance between Ines and Angelina. “He certainly has a type. She looks like TEMU Angelina,” one comment read. Another added, “She definitely resembles Angelina.” A third user asked, “Am I tripping or does she really look like Angelina Jolie???” Yet another echoed, “She looks like Angelina.”

Some fans also compared Ines to Meghan Markle. “She looks a lot like Meghan Markle to me. Glad to see him doing well again. We’re a society that loves to punish, but we’re pretty good at second chances as well. I hope the public lets him have a second chance,” read one comment.

Brad and Ines have reportedly been dating since late 2022, sparking rumors after attending a concert together in LA. Earlier this year, a source told ET, “Brad and Ines are doing well in their relationship. Brad is happy to have her by his side and is focused on the future. He’s trying not to let any worries or issues from the past get to him and appreciates how much he has grown as a person and wants to continue to do so.”

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Angelina Jolie, who was married to Brad from 2014 to 2016 and together for a total of 12 years, has now spoken out about the comparisons being made between her and Ines. “It’s natural for people to make comparisons, but each relationship and person is unique. I wish Brad nothing but the best and hope he finds happiness in whatever form it takes,” Angelina said.

The public continues to be fascinated by the lives of these Hollywood stars, as Brad and Ines’ relationship seems to be garnering significant attention and comparisons to his past.

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