Charlie Woods’s ‘Sun Day Red’ Look Sparks Massive Debate in Golf Community

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Will Charlie Woods experience a fate similar to his father’s? Perhaps! However, for now, this fate isn’t about Tiger Woods‘ 15 major wins or his 82 PGA Tour victories. Instead, it’s about the controversy surrounding his father’s brand, Sun Day Red, since its launch. The debate intensified when Woods Jr. wore Nike shoes ahead of the final round at Augusta National instead of the white Sun Day Red kicks his father debuted on Thursday.

Recently, at the Adam Scott Junior Invitational, Woods Jr. and Jacob Trevor Immelman—son of Trevor Immelman, who held off Tiger Woods at the 2008 Masters—were paired together. Undoubtedly, it’s a great sight for both fathers to witness the next generation of golfers competing. However, the same cannot be said for fans on social media.

When @AJGAGolf shared a post on X showcasing both young talents, the post quickly went viral, sparking a heated debate in the comments section. The discussion primarily centered around Charlie Woods’ unique apparel, as he sported a Sun Day Red polo and a Titleist hat.

In addition to the design, the absurdly high costs and lack of the brand’s logo on the products have previously outraged customers. Fans’ criticism of the company continued during the 2024 PGA Championship, claiming that “Tiger Woods’ new clothing line is not sweat-resistant.” This occurred when the 48-year-old was spotted wearing a polo shirt from Sun Day Red. Sweat was pouring down his back, and his clothes had noticeable sweat stains on them. It appears the debate has now shifted towards the 15-year-old.

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What do fans have to say about Charlie Woods’ attire?

A fan sarcastically commented, “Tiger has his first Sun Day Red athlete,” pointing toward the backlash the brand received for its design from the outset, and later, the high prices further fueled the controversy.

This fan expressed surprise with their comment: “Need someone to explain Charlie wearing a Titleist hat to me.” They highlighted the contrast of the 15-year-old wearing a polo from his father’s brand alongside a hat from a different one. They even brought another equipment brand into the equation and said, “TaylorMade owns a stake in Sun Day Red. I’m baffled!” emphasizing how the involvement of a famous golf brand like TaylorMade has not really helped in the success of the Tiger Woods brand among the masses.

One fan, Charlie Woods, would be a better fit as the face of Sun Day Red. They went on to offer a different perspective, and commented, If Charlie is the ambassador for Sun Day Red then I’ll buy. The outfit actually looks nice.” This fan made a comment not specifically about Sun Day Red but about the combination of different brands that the 15-year-old had donned and said, “Charlie wearing a Titleist hat? Looks odd.

One user sarcastically put forward the question, “How did Charlie get that shirt @SunDayRed?” One of the major criticisms that the Tiger Woods apparel brand faced was the expensive prices of the clothes and other products.

What do you think of Charlie Woods’ choice of unique attire? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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