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Five years after facing Balthazar and saving Gabriel, John Constantine’s life has settled into a precarious equilibrium. He still drinks cheap whiskey, smokes endless cigarettes, and dabbles in the fringes of the supernatural, but he navigates a delicate balance, keeping demons at bay without attracting undue celestial attention. This delicate peace shatters when a series of inexplicable occurrences plague London. People vanish in thin air, replaced by doppelgangers with chillingly blank eyes. Strange symbols appear on ancient relics, whispering of a forgotten ritual called the “Rite of Unbinding.” John reluctantly investigates, drawn in by a familiar premonition – this darkness threatens to unleash something far worse than hellfire. His investigation leads him to an obscure cult obsessed with resurrecting an ancient Babylonian deity known as Tiamat, the Mother of Chaos Led by a charismatic yet ruthless fanatic named Silas, the cult aims to use the Rite of Unbinding to break the seals binding Tiamat in the abyss and unleash her primal chaos upon the world. Along the way, he confronts his own demons, both literal and metaphorical.** The lingering shadows of the past, particularly his role in Angela’s fate, weigh heavily on him. But driven by a renewed sense of purpose and a flicker of hope for redemption, John pushes forward, determined to stop Tiamat’s rise and avert a celestial apocalypse. CONSTANTINE 2 CAST Keanu Reeves: / John Constantine Rachel Weisz / Angela Dodson Peter Stormare / Lucife Morningstar Tilda Swinton / Gabriel Djimon Hounsou / Midnite Jessica Henwick / Fatima Ben Mendelsohn / Silas Shia LaBeouf / Chas Kramerg

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