Fans Were Concerned for Kim Kardashian as Kanye West Revealed Disturbing Details About North

During the release of his highly-anticipated track Vultures during a rave event at an undisclosed warehouse in the Las Vegas desert, Kanye West broke his self-imposed silence and launched into an erratic anti-Semitic tirade. In his 10-minute non-stop rant, West made references to several divisive individuals and ideologies, including Donald Trump, Hitler, Jesus Christ, Jay-Z, Adidas, and, of course, the Jewish people. West also exalted North West, his oldest child.

The 46-year-old Bound 2 rapper stated that his 10-year-old daughter went above and beyond to be present at the release of his Vultures album. West, standing in a packed room, yelled: “My daughter ripped up the mother f**king couches in the house to be able to be with me right now.”

A few dozen people were gathered around the somewhat cult-like Donda rapper early on Friday morning when he lost it. In the course of the outburst, he appeared to draw a direct line from Jesus to himself and yelled, “Jesus Christ, Hitler, Ye! Sponsor that!!!” Presenting as ‘Miss Westie,’ North had gone on stage with her father to sing a verse from his most recent record.

As per The US Sun, within minutes, West’s outburst became widely known, and it was also shared on Reddit, where followers of the Kardashians voiced concern for Kim. “This whole thing is sad. I thought he was doing better. I hope he can get well at some point for his children,” one concerned fan wrote. A second fan commented: “Still talking about how he can’t see the kids, but they’re at his listening parties and North is always talking about how amazing Kanye’s place is…”

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“He said North tore up the couches in the house to be able to be with him in Miami,” a third fan noted as a fourth fan expressed: “That part feels so concerning to me.” A fifth fan pointed out: “Kanye does a rant every time he has new music coming out. On another note, I can see him trying to turn North against her mother for his sick enjoyment.” Another fan wrote: “For me, Kim is playing with fire with this thing about ‘protecting his image to the kids,’ because I doubt he doesn’t talk s**t about her to the kids.” A seventh fan wondered: “Exactly!!! Why is she so determined to protect his image when he’s trashed her publicly multiple times? Can’t imagine what he’s saying about her to the kids in private.”

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West also referenced his ex- Kim Kardashian during his epic rant, saying: “Kim, this is what you have been waiting for.”  The rapper with bipolar disorder asserted that Jewish people own all banks, hospitals, and private schools in Los Angeles.

The Gold Digger rapper further criticized Adidas, Jay Z, and Drake when he lost his lucrative contract with the company due to his antisemitic remarks. Kanye said: “Who you think the old man called? When we put Drake on stage, who do you think the old man calls? “You know what I’m saying. Drake, this is what you have been waiting for. “Jay Z, this is what you’ve been waiting for. Adidas, this is what you’ve been waiting for.”

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The cost of a ticket for the Las Vegas event was approximately $2,000 per person. The audience was assured of a list of unexpected celebrities, similar to those who attended West’s earlier album release party in Miami. Among those present were Lil Durk, Offset, and Freddie Gibbs. Later, LVMPD was compelled to disperse the group.

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