from ‘school boss’ to the superstar the whole world loves.

EURO 2024 will be Toni Kroos’s last big stage, before he officially takes off his iconic Adipure 11pro shoes and retires. Surely many people will burst into tears at this announcement, because Kroos has occupied such a big place in their hearts…

“On July 17, 2014, I gave a speech to launch Real Madrid and was also the day that changed my life, both as a football player and as a person. It was the beginning of a new chapter at the club. largest club in the world.

After 10 years, this chapter will end at the end of the season. Thank you to everyone who welcomed me with open hearts and gave me their trust. At the same time, my football career will end this summer, after the EURO finals. I’m happy and proud because in my mind I found the right time for this decision and can make my own choice.”

When witnessing these passionate confessions of Toni Kroos, perhaps a significant silence hit the soccer world yesterday evening. No one wants to believe that the midfielder is still at the highest level, and just recently was still creating captivating assists; decided to retire from his career this summer.

EURO 2024 will be Toni Kroos’s last big stage, before he officially takes off his iconic Adipure 11pro shoes and retires. Surely many people will burst into tears at this announcement, because Kroos has occupied such a big place in their hearts. Today, let’s look back at the German midfielder’s journey to develop and reach the world – From an unruly “school boss” kid who was expelled from school to a legend on the field even though “mine is still a mess”. “, but is extremely loved by you guys.

Born and raised in a family with a sports tradition, her mother was a talented badminton player and her father was the Hansa Rostock U19 football coach. With such abundant conditions, it was not difficult for Toni Kroos to get involved in sports from a young age. And he, or to be more precise, his father – Roland Kroos guided him towards the ball.

From the age of 7, Kroos was enrolled by his father in the Greifswalder youth training facility near his home. In Roland’s mind, he always wanted Toni to become a world-famous player in the future, something he was unable to do before.

But with her playful and mischievous nature, Toni always found ways to cause trouble, skip practice and was the black hole of the children’s football team at that time. And after many such times, Toni was repeatedly fined and expelled from Greifswalder in 2002.

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And to directly manage the unruly “son of heaven”, Roland decided to bring Toni to Hansa Rostock youth club, where he was directly training. But Toni is still used to his old ways, he has once again attracted attention with his cunning, lazy personality… So much so that when the incident reached the ears of Hansa Rostock’s Board of Directors, Mr. Roland was called up for a harsh warning.

Toni Kroos was even expelled from school in 2004, after skipping class more than 40 times to hang out with bad friends. This incident reached the ears of Mr. Roland and his wife too late. So even though he had many connections and money, Mr. Roland could not save the situation. And this was also the first time, Roland gave his beloved son a beating that he would remember forever.

Immediately after that, the Kroos family ordered a curfew for Toni, but all the punishments from Mr. and Mrs. Roland could not stop this player’s playful and careless personality.

Everyone gave up on Toni. Even Mr. Roland once bitterly admitted that this difficult nature would kill his beloved son’s future.

But if that happened, then surely Toni Kroos, with the stature of the world’s leading football legend today, could not exist. So what helped the “proof horse” Toni change? Yes, is there any other healing method other than the word “love”.

After Toni Kroos was expelled, Mr. Roland tried to get his son admitted to another high school even though it was located quite far from home. At the new school, Toni met a girl from the same class named Jessica Farber.

The simple, pure beauty of this girl made the eldest son of the Kroos family fascinated and exhausted. And she completely changed the unruly horse Toni.

No one could notice that the once stubborn and overbearing Toni suddenly gradually changed her personality, seriously training and competing diligently. It was the power of love, the first vibrations of a teenage heart that made Toni willing to throw away all her bad habits, the times when she went out in the bush with her bad friends… to live more seriously.

Being a member of the family, after just over a year of serious training, Toni’s talent has developed significantly, and revealed her natural qualities.

The proof is that in 2005, Kroos was called up to the German U17 team. Not long after, Toni was targeted by Bayern scouts, and he arrived at the Allianz Arena to the surprise of his parents and friends. Thanks to the professional football environment in Bayern, Toni’s football playing qualities are constantly improving. Soon he became one of the promising talents of the Bavarian Gray Tigers.

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After leaving a certain mark at Bayern, Toni Kroos joined Real Madrid in the 2014 summer transfer window for 25 million euros. From then on, the heist of the century was born.

The midfielder born in 1990 immediately won the hearts of Madridistas with his talent and seriousness. But with the extremely high ego of a star with a “school boss” past, it is quite difficult for Kroos to integrate with strict coaches.

The former German gangster always likes to work in his own style. He hates the rules created by Rafa Benítez, or before that, Van Gaal and Pep Guardiola at Bayern Munich. Therefore, it was not until coach Zinédine Zidane took power with his signature art of “winning people’s hearts” that Kroos’s stage shined most clearly.

He, Luka Modrić and Casemiro are a perfect combination in the midfield. Toni and Los Blancos conquered all glory. The most prominent of which must be winning the Champions League three times in a row, officially breaking the curse for the C1 champion team.

And yet, Toni is also the pride of German football. Remember in the summer of 2014, the player born in 1990 together with many other talents such as Götze, Schürrle, Draxler… excellently won the World Cup championship, after defeating Argentina in the Final.

Also on the football festival that year, Toni was also called Garcon (waiter) by Brazilian fans. The reason is because he had an extremely impressive performance in the 4-0 win over Portugal. There, the former Bayern star successfully completed 76/79 passes. That waiter served the diners (who were teammates in the German national team) so well, helping each striker feel the happiest when he entered his name on the scoreboard.

Toni Kroos is truly a genius in the midfield position. Kroos has all the outstanding skills of a midfield player. Even at the ultimate level, including: organizing the ball, assisting teammates to score, dribbling and even intercepting when necessary.

It is Toni’s talent that also creates the paradox that a person who always takes things seriously, a bully who is not afraid of anyone, is very loved.

Holding the roots of a genuine street life, Kroos possesses quite an interesting personality as he is not afraid to joke on social networks. As long as the character he sees is not pleasing to the eye, Toni will “dry” the subject. But the audience fell in love with the Real Madrid star’s sharp, fierce and unafraid of collisions personality.

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His beak of mixed love, anger and ignorance is a deadly attraction. Kroos is perhaps the most typical German model still alive today. Anyone who is crazy about stars born in the 90s will surely like this personality even more. A man who is disciplined, not submissive and always thinks rationally.

Love and hate have to be said, and more importantly, Toni said she could do it. He didn’t hide anything. At his peak, no one could compete with Kroos’ position in the Real Madrid 2.0 Galaxy. But when Federico Valverde, then Camavinga or Tchouameni appeared; Toni is not afraid of losing her position.

He is even willing to give detailed instructions to his juniors, thereby helping the boys next to Galacticos 3.0 to improve more and more clearly. His beak may be in every corner, but in his heart, Toni Kroos is truly a wonderful man.

He does not hesitate to help everyone, and is indifferent to the situation. Surely you can’t forget the image of Kroos sleeping soundly with a blanket, no matter how much people fight with each other out there. Even Toni time and time again refused the opportunity to join the national team to play in the World Cup or EURO. Simply because of conflicts from within the team, or the organization of these tournaments, made him feel “chill”. And once he doesn’t like it, Kroos certainly won’t bother.

Or as one of the best midfielders in the world over the past decade, Toni has been named many times as a strong candidate for the Golden Ball. However, despite the fact that teammates like Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema or “best friend” Luka Modrić have all lifted this noble title. Toni Kroos is still indifferent. No one dares to judge that his career is not great because he lacks the Ballon D’or.

For Kroos, he simply does what he likes. Once you’re no longer interested, nothing can make you give up. And it is that freedom and generosity that has brought to the football world one of the most interesting legends. Thank you very much for appearing and contributing to King’s sport all this time. Let’s keep it like that, Toni, and let’s burn fiercely for the last time at the Champions League final, as well as the upcoming EURO 2024.

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