How was the Kardashian family’s “billion dollar empire” formed?

Every day you scroll through entertainment news sites, you will see news about the Kardashian family’s daughters. Who are they really, what do they do, and why are they so famous for stalking from West to East? Kardashian is the most controversial “billion dollar empire” in American showbiz.

In 2007, a family living in Los Angeles appeared in a reality TV show recording the true lives of each family member. The series debuted on entertainment channel E!. Since then, female beauty, social networks, reality TV and the way stars do business in showbiz have completely changed.

The family in question is the Kardashian “entertainment empire” with the total assets of each member of this family reaching up to billions of dollars. Recently, the prestigious film news site Hollywood Reporter conducted an in-depth analysis of the popular entertainment phenomenon in contemporary American showbiz: the “Kardashian phenomenon”.

The Kardashian family has members including: children – Kourtney; Needle; Khloe; Rob; Kendall; and Kylie; mother – Kris and her ex-husband, who has now transformed into a woman – Caitlyn Jenner.

“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” seems very simple in concept, but it has an unexpected long-term hit.

The entire content of the program simply gives viewers an in-depth look into the life of a family with many girls, all… beautiful girls. Since becoming known, the entire Kardashian family has had the perfect launching pad to expand their business and enter a new era of “reality TV celebrities”.

Nowadays, people may not have any significant talent, but have the talent to attract attention when appearing in reality shows, so they can also create their own names, careers, and brands. I am not inferior to any talented star.

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“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” is currently broadcast in 167 countries, becoming the most popular series on E! from 2010 to present. In 2015, E! proposed to extend the contract for season 14, with the total salary paid to the Kardashian family reaching up to 80 million USD.

However, this number is still small when compared to the business empire that the Kardashian family has built since becoming famous. In the beginning, they only had a single clothing shop, but now they have become a “billion dollar empire” of American showbiz.

Each family member has caused a stir on social networks with a total of more than 700 million “follows”. There is no doubt that the Kardashian family has a great influence in American public life. Since becoming the most “stalking” family in American showbiz, the Kardashian family has made a lot of money from fashion and cosmetics businesses, acting as advertising faces, appearing at events…

All of that, the Kardashian family got from the reality TV show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”. And the path for the Kardashian family to become known began with… a 𝑠e𝑥 tape was leaked between her daughter named Kim and an ex-boyfriend in 2007. Since then, the five Kardashian daughters began to attract attention. attention.

How was the Kardashian family’s “billion dollar empire” formed?

One evening, the casting director of the show “Comedy Dancing” – Deena Katz – came to dine with the Kardashian family and witnessed the interesting life of this family with their “dreamlike” daughters passing by. Again, Katz told the mother of the family – Mrs. Kris Jenner: “Your family is like a reality TV show, try turning it into a show.”

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Mrs. Kris did just that, she contacted producer Ryan Seacrest. Ryan immediately sent a cameraman to try out some scenes from the Kardashian family’s life for consideration. Soon after, the cameraman returned and said: “We have very special stories.”

Now, every day, information about each member of the Kardashian family appears all over the newspapers. Although not highly appreciated and often considered “fake news”, the appeal of this family is undeniable, even becoming a new phenomenon of popular culture today: the era of Famous people come out of reality shows and social networks.

Kim Kardashian

In particular, the appearance of Kim Kardashian also changed the concept of beauty standards on television. In 2007, the “tight body” fashion was still popular, but Kim was different, she was not “skinny”. There are special rounds that “bloom”, making the audience excited to see the difference.

However, at first, the idea of a series revolving around the Kardashian family was not accepted by E! response, producer Ryan Seacrest had to persevere in convincing him to get it done. A popular series that changed American showbiz life was born here.

During the first official recording, Ms. Kris asked the production crew: “How do we succeed?”. An immediate direction was outlined: “Let’s share everything”.

If other reality series follow famous stars in the music or film industry, then with this series, the main characters do not possess any significant careers or talents, it is their sharing. Everything on TV will become… their “stalking” career.

Mrs. Kris herself agreed with the production crew that the show could not only be full of beautiful, cute stories… And indeed, they had moments of arguing, crying, and drama.

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Kris Jenner

As the mother of the family, before the series started filming, Mrs. Kris asked all her children to sit together: “If our family decides to do this show, we all have to appear together. We have to truly be ourselves as much as possible, without acting.”

The only person in the family who objected was the eldest daughter Kourtney: “I still remember when I first appeared in season 1, I had to go into the bathroom to cry quietly in there and was not allowed to cry out loud because I still had clothes on.” There is also a microphone attached to record sound.

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