Jason and Kylie Kelce Turn Their Garage Into an Ordered Sanctuary From a “Kelce Landfill”

PEOPLE got an inside look at the couple’s updated garage that was once a “dumping ground for anything and everything,” Kylie says

Jason and Kylie Kelce are unveiling their garage after a much-needed makeover!

PEOPLE got an inside look at the former Philadelphia Eagles player and his wife’s home transformation, in which they took their garage from what the NFL alum called a “Kelce landfill” to a functional space that serves their family of five. The couple share daughters Wyatt, 4, Elliotte, 2, and Bennett, 11 months.

Jason and Kylie teamed up with The Container Store to help them organize their belongings and get rid of the clutter their brood has accumulated over the years.

“The garage was unusable besides being a dumping ground for anything and everything,” Kylie tells PEOPLE. “We knew that we had to get it in shape before summertime so we could actually get in there to find all of our essentials” like beach toys and golf and sports equipment.

Jason says the garage before was “essentially a Kelce landfill, where you would open the door, throw something in, and close it. We couldn’t ever find anything and now it is an actual functional space.”

Jason and Kylie Kelce.


When it comes to organization, the dad of three says his wife is the expert.

“Kylie is way more organized than me,” he says. “She takes the lead on the organizing and I just listen to whatever she says to do.”

Kylie Kelce.


While Kylie in turn gives all the credit to The Container Store experts who helped them out, she does agree that she’s a bit neater than her husband, but “by a very slim margin.” She notes that there are a few other family members who also appreciate a tidy home.

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“The kids love having the extra space and being able to easily access all of their bikes and toys. We’re heading into beach season and even their sand toys have a home in the new set up,” she says.

Jason and Kylie Kelce.


The pair revealed that the main challenge of their garage makeover was figuring out how to begin. Jason adds that the process was “overwhelming” because “there was no organization to start with.”

Another feat was getting rid of some sentimental items, including the “13 years of jerseys, helmets, and cleats that needed to find homes,” they share.

Jason Kelce standing in his organized garage.


The couple both agree that the Elfa system they used made rearranging a breeze.

“Without these products we would not be feeling very good about our garage right now,” says Kylie. The quality of the products is amazing — the bins are heavy duty, and you can really feel when you open the cabinets and are moving things around that it is sturdy, and we need sturdy.”

Jason and Kylie Kelce.


With their garage finally taking shape, Kylie hints at the next space she and her husband might tackle next.

“We look forward to taking the Elfa system everywhere in our house. Anywhere that it can fit —  basement, closets, anywhere that we need this sort of next level aesthetic but functional organization, it will be there. I think transforming our basement will be next!”

Jason and K

ylie Kelce’s garage makeover.

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The family previously shared another fun makeover at their home: a playroom transformation for their girls.

“The memories that we’re creating now are things that we’ll talk about later, the same way our parents tell stories about us now,” Kylie told PEOPLE in February. “We hope that this space allows for the girls to be a good team together.”

Even the space’s color palette has that team spirt: “Shockingly enough we are big fans of green,” Kylie joked, giving a nod to her husband’s former uniform.

Jason retired from the NFL after 13 years in March 2024 in a tearful farewell.

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