Justin Bieber has assumed a more protective role, as evident from his actions, indicating that Hailey’s pregnancy is a mutual journey.

The expert pointed to a sign in the photoshoot they said showed the couple wanted to display ’emotional intensity’

JUSTIN and Hailey Bieber seem to be putting speculation about the state of their marriage to rest with their loved-up pregnancy announcement.

And Justin is all in, showing off his protective side and embracing his role as a dad-to-be, according to a body language expert.

Judi James told The U.S. Sun that Justin Bieber cupped Hailey Bieber’s face in his hands, which suggested he had taken on a protective roleCredit: Instagram/haileybieber

Justin looked relaxed in his baseball cap but did not look like a show pony during his vow renewal with Hailey, said Judi JamesCredit: Instagram/haileybieber

Justin, 30, and Hailey, 27, revealed that they’re expecting their first child on Thursday.

The famous couple shared photos and videos from a vow renewal and maternity shoot on Instagram, complete with a lacy white dress for the mom-to-be.

Justin, meanwhile, was much more casual in a fur coat and backward baseball cap.

But while the singer’s come under fire for his sloppy style before — fans have called it “embarrassing” and disrespectful — body language expert Judi James said that Justin’s now showing his commitment.

“The good news in terms of Justin’s role here is that he is not being paraded as the kind of marital show pony that many A-list husbands tend to when the formal photos are being taken,” James told The U.S. Sun.

“Although Hailey is swathed in bliss and acres of white lace, Justin is still within his comfort zone of baseball cap and baggies and his pose looks relatively relaxed as he gazes at her.

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“Hailey has often looked like the confident protector in their relationship.

“But here Justin is seen looking taller and bending his head to kiss Hailey while cupping her face in his hands, suggesting he has stepped up into a more protective role.”

That kiss, in particular, says a lot, according to James.

“A face-cupping kiss is the most romantic,” she said.

“And their facial expressions look serious as they kiss, suggesting a desire to register emotional intensity.”

They’re also showing a united front, she added.

“We can see Hailey cupping her bump in one ‘headless’ pose while Justin stands behind her and cups it too, to show unity,” she said.

“His hand is placed close to her bump while her hand lays on top of it in an endorsement gesture, suggesting an emphasis on the pregnancy being a shared experience for Justin.”


All in all, James said the shoot looks like an “emotional re-set” for the couple.

She suggested they paid “almost forensic attention” to creating a “romantic collide” in the vow renewal shoot.

“Their body language seems to signal a sense of completion for Hailey,” she went on, who “has gone back in time visually and virtually to create the narrative of bringing her baby to their wedding.”

A body language expert told The U.S. Sun that Justin and Hailey were on an emotional reset when they shot their vow renewal footageCredit: Instagram/haileybieber

James also highlighted the “non-verbal symbolism” that Justin and Hailey are “welcoming the baby into their own private world of idyllic marriage.”

“Hailey seems to be telling her fans that she is totally happy withabsolutely everything in her life,” she said.

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“[That] could be an important statement from her given the recent speculation after things like Justin’s tearful social media post.”


Justin and Hailey tied the knot on September 13, 2018, but their marriage has been plagued by rumors and speculation of trouble in paradise.

Some fans have been convinced that Justin continued to hold a torch for Selena Gomez well into his relationship with Hailey.

Meanwhile, a viral TikTok theory swirled that Canada-born Justin married Hailey so he could stay in the United States.

Rumors of difficulties between the pair have plagued Hailey and Justin’s (seen here in 2023) marriage

Fans theorized that Justin’s work visa was set to expire, and because of 2014 criminal charges for careless driving and resisting arrest, he wouldn’t be able to renew it.

Justin has also made some statements that hinted at marital issues.

“When I first got married, I hit a little bit of an emotional breakdown because I thought marriage was going to fix all my problems and it didn’t,” he admitted in 2022.

Then, earlier this year, Hailey’s father, Stephen Baldwin, shared a message from minister Victor Marx.

“Christians, please when you think of Justin & Hailey, take a moment to offer a little prayer for them to have wisdom, protection and to draw close to the Lord,” Marx wrote.

Afterward, a source told People, “There’s no divorce and no truth to that whatsoever. They are very, very happy.”

Justin and Hailey (seen here in 2021) married in 2018 following a two-month engagement

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