Kanye West’s New Film Venture Could Be ‘The Last Straw’ For His Marriage And Bianca Censori

Bianca Censori is not a fan of Yeezy P—.

Accord to a source, the architect — who has been married to Kanye West since December 2022 — is “furious” with her husband’s latest adult film venture after he’s been dressing her up in skimpy clothing on all their outings.

Kanye West and Bianca Censori have been married since December 2022.

“She’s freaking out, and with good reason. Kanye’s been strutting her around and dressing her like she’s a p— star, and now she knows why!” the insider spilled, noting how the business move could be the “last straw” for Censori and West’s marriage.

“Bianca went along with him parading her around like she was in some kind of freaky fashion show because she thought it could turn her into a star, but skin flicks are beyond the pale,” they explained. However, Censori, 29, had apparently been clear she “wants no part of” starring in adult films.

“She’s already got all the notoriety she needs from him, and her friends say she’s ready to walk,” the source added.

The insider’s claims came after the Yeezy designer shared a since-deleted post to Instagram announcing “Yeezy P— is c—–.”

Kanye West and Bianca Censori met online.

The rapper is reportedly working alongside adult film producer Mike Moz on his new enterprise and has also been focusing on “casting and art direction.”

According to TMZ, West plans to start “broader adult entertainment division” of his company.

Kanye West has been sharing images of Bianca Censori in very revealing outfits.

The news came after p— star John Legendary claimed the risqué clothes West dresses Censori in are part of a broader “publicity stunt” relating to his latest opportunity.

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“I’m not sure if this is like a publicity stunt, or even something to get people excited and talking because it could be a branch to a fashion collection,” Legendary said of the many pap walks Censori has made while hardly wearing any clothes.

Kanye West recently claimed ‘Yeezy P— is c—–.’

“He’s been on record saying that s– can inspire him. So I feel like p—, s–, can inspire his creativity. It can inspire fashion,” the adult film actor told The Mirror.

“And so I really think it’s going to be something related to fashion,” Legendary shared. “When I think of the whole fashion aspect, when you see the transformation of Bianca his wife from how she used to dress to how she dresses now, it’s very bold and risqué and see-through and showing a lot of skin.”

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