Kim Kardashian shocks in never-before-seen throwback video as fans say there’s ‘so much North West’ in her ‘attitude’

KIM Kardashian has shocked fans with a never-before-seen throwback video.

Kardashian fans claimed that the Hulu star is channeling her daughter North West, 10, in the childhood video.

Kim Kardashian has shocked fans with a never-before-seen throwback videoCredit: Instagram/ Kim Kardashian

Kardashian fans claimed that the Hulu star is channeling her daughter North West in the videoCredit: tiktok/@kimandnorth

On Tuesday, Kim, 43, shared a throwback video of herself as a teenager sitting inside a restaurant on Instagram.

Captioned, “Khloe the [camerawoman] and [psychic], “the Skims founder’s younger sister Khloe Kardashian, 39, can be heard saying, “Her name is Kim and she’s really pretty.”

The staticky, black-and-white camera footage showed the teenaged Kim sporting a very 90s outfit that included denim overalls, a white tee, and a large flannel jacket.

She also donned two choker necklaces and wore her dark hair parted down the middle.

Much like North, Kim squinted at the camera as Khloe stated, “She’s gonna be famous when she grows up.”

And even more North-like, the eventual skincare mogul agreed, confidently asserting, “Oh, I know that.”

In the comment section, one fan wrote, “Love when you post throwbacks! For the haters Kim been beautiful.”

“How cute are you! Love your response,” added another.

A third person commented, “You sound like Northie.”

“All I see is northie,” wrote a fourth.

Another fan replied, “Even the voice.”

The North is Kim sentiment continued, as one commenter stated, “So much Northie in this!!!”

“Exactly what I was thinking,” agreed a second.

“YES, even the same voice and [mannerisms],” added a third.

Kim shared a throwback video of herself as a teenagerCredit: Instagram/ Kim Kardashian

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In the video, Kim agreed with her sister Khloe that she would be famous when she grew upCredit: Instagram/ Kim Kardashian

The black-and-white camera footage showed the teenaged Kim sporting a very 90s outfitCredit: Instagram/ Kim Kardashian

Others argued that the younger Kim reminded them more of her daughter Chicago, as one fan mentioned, “That is definitely Chicago!!! She is your twin.”

“Chicago looks just like Kim,” added another.

A third wrote, “That’s Chicago with she gets bigger.”

“You guys manifested it in that moment,” commented another fan before Khloe replied to the post with a magic wand emoji.


Earlier this month, North revealed Kim’s real skin texture in a selfie she shared on TikTok.

The 10-year-old captured Kim’s pimples and fine lines as she posed with her son Psalm, five, at her $60million Los Angeles mansion.

You sound like Northie.

Instagram User

Kim was seen cuddling Psalm on their sofa while wearing an oversized brown and yellow flannel shirt.

She knotted her eyebrows together and pouted at the camera while her youngest son held his mouth wide open in a mock scream.

While Kim looked flawless, The Kardashians star appeared to have fine lines on her forehead and small pimples on her cheek and chin.

The TV personality often shares heavily edited photos of her pore-free complexion on social media.

Elsewhere in her TikTok video, North posted a snap of her and Kim dressed in boiler suits and face masks.


Weeks before, North shared several unedited photos of her mom in her latest social media post.

The preteen started the photo compilation with a photo of Kim sitting in the back of a car with her son, Saint West, eight.

So much Northie in this!!!”

Instagram User

Kim dressed casually as they drove to what appeared to be a soccer game for Saint.

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She wore a black bomber jacket over a simple tank top and completed the look with a black baseball cap which she rocked with unstyled hair.

She pouted heavily at the camera and wrapped her hand around the arm of her son, who sat next to her.

Other supposedly edited photos were shared of Kim, including her standing in front of the White House smiling.

She wore a black blazer that cinched at the waist and featured a plunging neckline.

The reality TV star recently traveled to Washington D.C. to discuss criminal reform with Vice President Kamala Harris.

Her photos looked professional and there wasn’t a blemish visible on Kim’s skin.

Fans compared Kim’s mannerisms and attitude to her oldest daughter NorthCredit: Instagram/ Kim Kardashian

North is known for her blunt, straight-forward responsesCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

The video showed that Kim had a similar personality when she was around North’s ageCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

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