Kris Jenner used to make 14-year-old Khloé Kardashian drive kids to school with made-up ‘government license’: ‘Don’t judge me’

Kris Jenner used to make 14-year-old Khloé Kardashian run errands for her with a made-up “government license.”

Jenner, 68, made the shocking confession while chatting with the Good American founder, 39, and Scott Disick during the Season 5 premiere of “The Kardashians” on Thursday.

While discussing Disick’s son Mason turning 14 in December, the famed momager joked that Kardashian “used to drive” when she was the “same age.”

“But you lied to me and said I had a government license, so you’re the one who told me I was allowed to take the kids to school,” Kardashian shot back.

Kris Jenner used to let Khloé Kardashian drive at the age of 14.Getty Images00:0003:48Jenner told Kardashian she had a “government-issued license” and was allowed to drive.


The Good American founder said she used to drive kids to school.krisjenner/Instagram

In California, you have to be at least 15½ and enrolled in a driver’s ed course to get your permit.

Although the former “Revenge Body” star didn’t specify which kids she drove, she said she was actually a “great driver.”

In a confessional, Jenner admitted that “a government-issued license in the state of California” was something she “made up” but insisted that things were “a little bit different” in the late ’90s.

“Don’t judge me until you walked in my shoes,” she joked.

The momager admitted she “made up” the fake license.FilmMagic“She would have had all her kids taken away if this story came out,” Kardashian joked.Instagram/@krisjenner

Although Kardashian didn’t catch on to her mom’s schemes at the time, she now knows that “a government-issued license is bulls–t.”

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“We’re all going to jail,” she joked. “She would have had all her kids taken away if this story came out.”

The mother of two also revealed she once picked her mom up after a night of drinking at the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles.

“Mom got s–tfaced and it was only her and I,” Kardashian recalled. “I’m driving on the freeway. I’m 15. I’m not qualified … Like this is a lot for me.”

Kardashian also recalled the time she had to pick up her “s–tfaced” mom from a bar.Khloe Kardashian/InstagramWhile she was 15 at the time, it’s unclear if she had a permit.khloekardashian / instagram / BE

While Kardashian was a ball of nerves during the drive, her mom rode shotgun with her “head hanging.”

Without any “warning,” Jenner threw up all over the side of the car.

“We’re on the freeway and it shoots back into me,” she said. “I start crying and I go, ‘Mom!!’ And she kept throwing up.”

Kardashian said the vomit got all over her outfit, which included a pricey coat from sister Kim Kardashian’s first husband, Damon Thomas.

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Jenner ended up throwing up on the side of the car as Kardashian frantically raced home.krisjenner/Instagram

The vomit got all over Kardashian, who was wearing “the most expensive” article of clothing that she owned.What do you think? Post a comment.

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“It was the most expensive thing I ever owned,” she explained. “It was white shearling. It was navy suede on the outside and you can’t get acidic throw-up out of suede.”

Once the mother-daughter duo arrived back at Jenner’s home, the mother of six called her then-husband, Caitlyn Jenner.

“I need you to know I threw up and if we don’t clean it up now, the paint’s gonna peel,’” Kardashian recalled Kris saying to Caitlyn, adding that she “hosed my jacket down too.”

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