Lady Gaga stuns in a sophisticated ivory gown while affectionately linking arms with Bradley Cooper during a press event for their acclaimed film A Stellar Rise at the glamorous Venice Film Festival

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper displayed their strong bond at the 75th annual Venice Film Festival as they attended the event together. The duo, who worked closely on their movie, A Star Is Born, looked comfortable and relaxed as they posed for photographs.

Lady Gaga, 32, exuded elegance in a stunning white dress, complemented by black court shoes and a matching box bag. Her hair, styled in Monroe-inspired curls, added a touch of vintage beauty to her appearance. As they arrived at Hotel Cipriani, the co-stars were seen holding hands, showcasing their close connection and friendship.

Celebrities: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper made quite the stylish duo at the glittering Venice Film Festival on Friday, as they attended a special photocall for their highly anticipated film, A Star Is Born.

In perfect harmony, Gaga donned a stunning white gown, exuding elegance, while Cooper confidently walked hand in hand with her. The photogenic pair was a sight to behold, effortlessly stealing the spotlight at the prestigious event held at the luxurious hotel Cipriani.

How charming! Lady Gaga sported stunning platinum blonde hair styled in glamorous 50s curls reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe. Her co-star, looking quite dashing, held her hand as they gracefully stepped off the water taxi together.

Collaboration is the key to success: Bradley has worked together with Lady Gaga to co-write and direct their version of the classic film, A Star Is Born. They also joined forces to create the film’s soundtrack.

Accompanied by his partner Irina Shayk and their 17-month-old child Lea De Seine, Bradley looked elegant in a suit as he attended the grand event in Venice. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate with Bradley and Lady Gaga on this important day.

However, a thoughtful assistant stepped in and held up a large white umbrella to shield Gaga from the elements. The duo arrived at the photocall after a scenic boat ride through the canals of Venice, setting the perfect backdrop for their photo session.

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During the press conference, Bradley discussed his connection with the talented musician, Lady Gaga. He revealed that they bonded instantly over their shared love for food and their Italian heritage.

On-screen romantics: The duo is also cast as the central protagonists, with the plot centering around a boozy musician hailing from the countryside, portrayed by Bradley.

His path intertwines with that of a vocalist, portrayed by Lady Gaga, ultimately leading to a heartwarming tale of love.

Just close pals: In reality, though, Bradley and Lady Gaga are both happily involved with their respective partners – Bradley with Irina Shayk and Lady Gaga with Christian Carino.

Just chill out: Gaga was helped as she stepped onto solid ground, with a parasol that impeccably matched her hair shielding her from above.

She came for the ovation: The singer looked stunning as she was later escorted back onto the ship by enthusiastic assistants. He raved: ‘I remember when we first met, and within just 10 minutes, we were sharing a meal of her delicious homemade food – I’m a big food lover – and that instantly formed a strong bond between us, as we both hail from Italian-American families on the East Coast.’

Sharing that he was captivated by her face and eyes, the actor continued: ‘We had a deep connection at that level, stemming from our similar backgrounds.’ Gaga praised her experience working on the film, describing it as ‘extraordinary’, adding: ‘It tells a tale of love and the struggle of addiction, something that Bradley refers to as the human condition.’

The stunning blonde also opened up about her journey to fame, revealing: ‘When I entered the music industry and decided to pursue a career as a singer, I was just 19 years old and hit the ground running.’

Uniquely fabulous: Pop sensation Lady Gaga, known by her birth name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, has found true happiness in her romantic connection with Christian Carino, a 48-year-old talent agent. Rumors of an engagement between the two have also added fuel to the fire of their blissful relationship.

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Delighted: The renowned pop star sported a wide grin while skillfully maneuvering the boat, expertly composed in her elegant ensemble of high heels and sweeping gown.

The couple seems to be extremely happy as they attend a photocall to promote their movie project. It is evident that they are excited about working together. In the past, Lady Gaga mentioned how she had to work hard to establish herself in the music industry.

Despite not fitting the conventional standard of beauty, she refused to conform to the expectations imposed on her by producers. Instead, she desired to have her own unique identity. Bradley, on the other hand, not only co-wrote but also directed his version of the classic film “A Star Is Born” from 1937.

He collaborated with Lady Gaga on the soundtrack as well. Both of them also play the lead roles in the movie, which centers around the story of a country musician struggling with alcoholism who falls in love with a talented singer.

Despite their on-screen chemistry, it is important to note that both Bradley and Lady Gaga are happily committed to their respective partners in real life.

Adding a vibrant touch: The lovely Naomi Watts caught the attention of onlookers in Venice as she strolled around town wearing a stunning floral dress. Creating a buzz: Lady Gaga caused quite a sensation at the photocall, as she gracefully posed for a multitude of photographs alongside Bradley and on her own.

Returning to the intimacy of hand-holding, Bradley gracefully reentered the scene, allowing for more captivating shots alongside his co-star.

Good-looking guy: With his infectious giggles, Bradley playfully pulled Gaga closer, ready for another fun snapshot.

Filled with joy at the moment, she enthusiastically sent air kisses to her adoring supporters, revealing her ‘Artpop’ ink gracefully displayed on her wrist.

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We witnessed the birth of a true superstar as Lady Gaga effortlessly captivated the crowd with her enchanting performance.

Take it easy: The popular female singer made sure she didn’t stumble in her very high heels while lifting her dress slightly. Bradley and the famous fashion model, Irina, have been in a relationship for approximately three years.

Earlier this year, the couple sparked speculation about a possible wedding when Irina was seen wearing a beautiful ring on her left hand ring finger in April. Neither Bradley nor Irina have confirmed their engagement publicly.

Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, is in a happy relationship with her talent agent, Christian Carino, who is rumored to be her fiancé as well. They were first seen together at the 2017 Super Bowl, and prior to that, Lady Gaga was engaged to actor Taylor Kinney.

Surprised: The iconic singer appeared taken aback by the large turnout of rain-soaked fans who had gathered to catch a glimpse of her.

Main attraction: Enthusiastic fans eagerly gathered to catch a glimpse of the top-tier celebrities and excitedly captured moments on their smartphones.

Prepare your smartphones: Following the photo session, the vocalist was delighted to pose for pictures with her admirers during an unexpected spontaneous gathering.

Dapper: Bradley, aged 43, accompanied by his partner Irina Shayk and their 17-month-old baby Lea De Seine, appeared stylish in a well-tailored suit in anticipation of the significant occasion.

It requires a multitude: An entire entourage accompanied them on their way to the photo session.

Stylishly affluent: With a confident stride, Bradley showcased the iconic red soles of his Christian Louboutin shoes, gracefully making his way indoors.

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