Oleksandr Usyk team member spotted ‘spitting in everyone’s faces’ in bizarre moment after world heavyweight title triumph over Tyson Fury

Footage has emerged of a bizarre moment where a member of Oleksandr Usyk’s was claimed to be ‘spitting in everyone’s faces’ after the Ukrainian’s victory over Tyson Fury.

Usyk became the undisputed world heavyweight champion on Saturday night after a split decision victory over Fury in Saudi Arabia.

The Ukrainian fighter was awarded the contest by two judges after the 12-round fight, while the other scored the clash in favor of Fury.

A video has emerged of a member of Usyk’s team appear to spray water over the boxer in the ring post fight, while the defeated Fury gave his post fight interview.

The team member had appeared to have taken a drink of water before spraying it in the direction of the heavyweight champion.

A member of Oleksandr Usyk’s team, bottom right, could be seen spitting water over the boxer post fight in a packed ring during the interviews

A shocked Frank Warren could be seen turning his head to the team member following the bizarre moment

One fan noted Warren’s shocked reaction as the promoted responded to the incident

The spray also hit several others present in the packed ring, prompting shocked reactions.

‘Someone from Usyk’s camp spitting in everyone’s faces,’ one fan highlighted on social media.

‘Fight aside, did we all miss this chap from Usyk’s side spraying people with water from his MOUTH?,’ another noted.

‘Why was Usyk’s guy spraying water out his mouth on his face then all over everyone else.’

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Some fans noted the reactions of others in the ring, with promoter Frank Warren appearing shocked by the moment.

Warren could be seen turning his head in surprise towards Usyk’s team member, before raising his hand and pointing a finger in his direction.

‘Frank Warren was having none of it,’ one fan wrote on social media.

Others were quick to offer possible explanations for the bizarre moment, suggesting the team member was attempting to cool down Usyk following the brutal 12-round fight with Fury.

The moment came while Fury was giving his post-fight thoughts to broadcaster DAZN.

Several fans were quick to point out that Usyk’s team member was attempting to cool his fighter down post fight

Usyk (left) produced a stunning comeback to beat Fury (right) on Saturday night in Riyadh

The Gypsy King sensationally claimed that Usyk was awarded split-decision victory in their world heavyweight title fight ‘because his country is at war’.

‘I believe I won that fight,’ he said. ‘And I believe he won a few of the rounds, but I won the majority of them.’

He added: ‘I believe we both put on a good fight – best we could do. And, you know, his country is at war. People are siding with the country at war.’

Usyk gave an emotional comment to the broadcaster in the ring following his victory.

‘Dad, do you hear me? We did it!’ he said in Ukrainian, according to journalist Ine Back Iversen.

Usyk’s father passed away shortly after his son won Olympic gold in London in 2012.

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‘Thank you so much my team, my God, Jesus. Mr Excellency, thank you this is a big opportunity for me, for my family. Slava Ukraini,’ Usyk added.

‘It’s great. I don’t have words. Of course, I’m ready. One more time we will do a good fight.’

Usyk was forced to miss the post-fight press conference to have his injuries attended to, amid suggestions he had broken his jaw during his historic victory.

He broke down in tears when remembering his father when he eventually gave his post-fight press conference.

The victory sees Usyk become the first undisputed heavyweight champion in this century

Fury made the stunning claim that ‘people are siding with the country at war’ and thinks he won the fight

‘I miss my father and I said to him “you live there and I live here, please don’t come for me, I love you”,’ Usyk said.

‘For me it is hard when my father comes back to me because I remember all life. I know he is here, maybe sitting out there.’

He added: ‘My camp started in September 2023, I worked for nine months.

‘I missed Happy New Year, I missed my son’s birthday, I missed my other son’s birthday, I missed my daughter’s birthday and then the birth of my daughter.

‘I also missed family holidays. I was only focused on this fight, now I’m happy and I want to go back home.’

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