Pax Thien is quiet, Romeo Beckham is loud from love to succeeding his father.

While Pax Thien hesitates to rely on his parents, Romeo Beckham chooses the same path of development as his parents regardless of what they say.

Pax Thien was born in 2003 and is the son of Angelina Jolie. He was adopted by actress “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” in 2007 in Vietnam. Thanks to care and education in a modern environment, Pax has now become a mature and understanding young man.

Pax Thien lives a private life, avoiding the reputation of relying on his adoptive parents.

While his eldest brother Maddox and younger sister Zahara decided to go to university after graduating from high school, Pax Thien chose his own path. He also did not follow his parents’ footsteps but developed a career in the field of game artist. It is known that Pax gave his stage name “Embtto” to avoid the reputation of relying on his parents.

Although he does not pursue acting like Angelina Jolie, Pax Thien always enthusiastically supports his adoptive mother in projects. He was Jolie’s assistant when she returned to her role as a film director. In addition, Pax also proved to be a filial son, willing to be the breadwinner in the house when Angelina and Brad divorced.

In contrast to Pax Thien, Romeo Beckham has an open lifestyle and takes advantage of his family brand to build his name. Initially, Romeo was oriented towards a career as a football player. He practiced and received investment from his parents. However, Romeo quit and turned to tennis.

Romeo Beckham followed in his father’s footsteps and took advantage of the family brand to build a name.

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After a period of passion for tennis, he became depressed and then returned to being a professional player like his father David Beckham. The second son of the Becks family is currently working as a model and playing for the Brentford reserve team on loan from Inter Miami.

While Angelina Jolie’s Vietnamese-born adopted son is tight-lipped about his personal life, Romeo Beckham has been publicly in love since 2019. Romeo regularly posts romantic photos and videos with his girlfriend Ria Regan on his personal page.

The second son of the Becks family is open about his love life, often posting photos with his girlfriend the same age.

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