Quickly learn how to make laurel tea to help improve diabetes

According to Step to health, bay leaves have the ability to reduce blood glucose levels, reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol levels in diabetics.

Fresh, dried bay leaves when making 𝑠e𝑥 tea help improve blood sugar. Graphic photo: Han Lam.

Benefits of bay leaves

Bay leaves are often widely used as a spice, but scientists believe that bay leaves also improve human health, especially helping patients treat blood sugar. Accordingly, when consuming laurel or drinking bay leaf tea, it has the effect of reducing blood sugar, controlling the amount of cholesterol and triglycerides in the body of people with diabetes, thereby helping to stabilize blood sugar.

In addition, drinking bay leaf tea also helps improve nerves, beautify the skin, and enhance digestive and cardiovascular health. Bay leaves are also a source of vitamin C so they are also great for the immune system and have antibacterial properties, which help prevent infections.

We know that leaves are often used to weave laurel wreaths, symbolizing victory and power. The leaves themselves always emit a very pleasant scent, calming the nerves and helping to relax the mind. Therefore, scientists advise us to drink a cup of laurel tea every morning to clear our mind, provide antioxidants, and improve our spirit to cope with the pressure of work and life during the day.

Particularly, bay leaf essential oil contains pantothenic acid, niacin, riboflavin, pyridoxine, these are specialized ingredients used to synthesize enzymes to help enhance the function of the nervous system. Therefore, in case you cannot enjoy tea, you can also leave laurel essential oil in the bedroom to help sleep well.

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Bay leaf tea helps improve diabetes and improve our nervous system. Graphic photo: Han Lam.

Prepare bay leaf tea

4 cups of filtered water (about 800ml – 1 liter of water)

2-3 bay leaves


Boil water. Add bay leaves. Keep them at high temperature for 3 – 5 minutes then turn off the heat.

Let the tea steep for about 10 minutes and filter before drinking. Enjoy 1 – 2 cups per day.

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