Real-life Group Members Have The Opportunity To “Crazy” Attack Roman Reigns; Said He Was Not The Head Of The Table

Roman Reigns has dominated WWE for over three years as he led his Bloodline faction. However, it does not seem that all of the 38-year-old’s family consider him The Head of the Table, including a legend’s son.

The wrestler in question is Zilla Fatu. The latter is the son of the late Umaga. He is now an active competitor on Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling and GCW. While he revealed that he is open to joining Reigns and other family members in the Stamford-based company, Zilla surprisingly took a shot at The Tribal Chief in a recent interview with MuscleManMalcolm.

When asked where his place at the table was, Umaga’s son claimed his family’s table was round. Hence, all are equal. When the host pointed out that Roman Reigns calls himself The Head of the Table, Zilla made a sarcastic comment, seemingly calling the former champion “crazy”:

“He’s like one of those kids in the school where like the crazy one where they stand on top of the table [screaming]. Yeah, he’s one of those, you know. Here we are just looking at him like: ‘Okay, okay, wait till it’s our time,’ you know. But we all try to be the one but me personally, I feel like I’m The Main One,” he said. Will Zilla Fatu join Roman Reigns in WWE?

Many Samoans are currently active competitors in WWE. The Stamford-based company reportedly recently signed Jacob Fatu. Many now expect other family members to join the promotion, including Zilla Fatu.

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In an interview with Joey Franchize on WiLD 94.1, Zilla addressed the possibility of joining WWE. He claimed he did not want to be the first Fatu or Anoa’i to sign with AEW:

“WWE, uce. That’s the main one. Like I said, back to what I was saying with my family, my family got a long history with WWE. So at the same time, I don’t want to be the first Fatu or Anoa’i to go to AEW. I don’t want to break that cycle. But it just gotta make sense because everybody’s journey is different. My journey’s different. My story’s way different from Solo’s, from The Usos’, from Roman and Jacob [Fatu]. So my story, I got a whole nother chapter. I’m sitting on a whole nother side of the table [laughs],” Fatu said. [H/T Fightful]

While Roman Reigns is absent, Solo Sikoa has taken control of The Bloodline. Many now predict that The Tribal Chief will return to feud with his cousin and his new associates, Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa. It would be interesting to see if Zilla Fatu will play a part in the potential Bloodline civil war.

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