Roman Reigns Must Return And Rally His Troops To Compete And Avenge Solo Sikoa’s Takeover Of The Blo*dline

Roman Reigns has been absent from WWE TV since WrestleMania XL, and it’s time for the Tribal Chief to show Solo Sikoa, the Bloodline’s boss. During his absence, the faction has taken a new direction, but he should be back in time for Summerslam.

The Head of the Table shouldn’t come alone, though. He should return with a new ally who’s been pushing to join WWE. Zilla Fatu is one of the long list of Samoans who continue to seemingly grow and are possible candidates for a Bloodline run.

Zilla Fatu is making a name for himself on the Independent scene but has seen plenty of his family members join pro wrestling’s biggest promotion. He’s the son of the late great Umaga and the first cousin of Roman Reigns.

The Main One, who wrestles in Booker T’s promotion Reality of Wrestling, recently used a Superman Samoan Spike in one of his matches. He appeared to dedicate the move to the former Universal Champion, posting on Instagram:

“WICKED ‘Still I Rise’ 🩸.”

Zilla Fatu has the tools to enter the Tribal Chief’s redemption arc and take down Solo Sikoa. He could be Reigns’s ideal new right-hand man, and it would make for an interesting chapter in the seemingly never-ending Bloodline saga.

Roman Reigns needs to gather his army to battle Solo Sikoa’s version of The Bloodline

Solo Sikoa is the power player on WWE SmackDown, while Roman Reigns is off TV. He told Paul Heyman weeks ago that the Big Dog had handed him the reigns of the Bloodline while he was absent.

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However, given his track record, it’s extremely hard to believe the former NXT North American Champion. He’s also made decisions that have gone against Paul Heyman’s interests.

Solo Sikoa has created his own version of The Bloodline with new members Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa. That three-man group is wreaking havoc on Friday nights and will eventually need its comeuppance.

Roman Reigns will want to reclaim the group as his own, and it may see him rival Solo Sikoa. He’ll need his allies, and Zilla Fatu is a candidate as he’s made clear his desire to join the Stamford-based company:

“WWE, uce. That’s the main one. Like I said, back to what I was saying with my family, my family got a long history with WWE.”

Jimmy Uso doesn’t look like an option for Reigns now, as he’s dealing with an injury. Solo Sikoa ordered Tama Tonga to attack him on SmackDown after WrestleMania XL, and a return date is unknown.

Zilla Fatu would be learning from arguably the biggest talent in WWE

Roman Reigns has entered WWE legend status after an incredible 1,316-day reign as Universal Champion. He’s become the superstar with the most WrestleMania main events in company history.

There may not be a better superstar to work alongside and learn from than the former Shield member. Zilla Fatu could use Reigns’ 14 years of experience to become a top talent.

This could result in an exciting on-screen connection between the pair. Reigns could take up a similar role to that of Paul Heyman, with whom he’s worked for several years honing his craft, particularly on the microphone.

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WWE should be building towards a Bloodline war at Survivor Series

Roman Reigns hasn’t even returned yet, but the feeling is that he will do so as a babyface. He’s certainly got fans on his side. They’ve chanted his name during each Bloodline segment on SmackDown during his absence.

Solo Sikoa appears to have self-appointed himself as the new Tribal Chief, which could lead to a stable war. The perfect destination for this to come to a head would be Survivor Series in November, although a date and location are still unconfirmed.

Fans have dreamed up a scenario in which Roman Reigns leads his own Bloodline against The Rock’s own group. The Final Boss also left WWE after ‘Mania but did so after giving a mysterious heel promo.

Zilla Fatu could be on Reigns’ side while The Usos get back together to take down Rocky, Sikoa, Tama Tonga, and Tonga Loa. It would be one of the most memorable War Games matches in WWE history.

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