S** Than ‘Anaconda’? Nicki Minaj Teases ‘Only’ Music Video

After all the controversy surrounding the Nazi imagery in her “Only” lyric video, Nicki Minaj is going back to raising eyebrows the way she knows best: by making a nearly NSFW music video. Will “Only” be even more 𝓈ℯ𝓍ual than “Anaconda”?

Clearly excited about the music video release, Minaj shared a slew of Instagram photos on Monday, Nov. 17, of her shooting scenes for “Only” alongside collaborators Drake, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne.

The video will even include a little cross promotion as Minaj points out that Weezy is holding her brand of wine, Myx Fusions Moscato.

While the video stars a few of hip-hop’s greats, all eyes are sure to be on Minaj’s barely-there costume.

The 31-year-old rapper dons nothing but sheer, black stockings and a skimpy panty and bra combo for the video. Not to mention her sky-high platforms. “Still standing tall,” Minaj quipped in one of her captions.

Is it just us, or does Minaj’s outfit look a lot like Cher’s in her iconic music video “Turn Back Time”?

After this sneak peek, do you think this will be Minaj’s 𝓈ℯ𝓍iest video yet? Tweet #ETnow.

For more on the rapper’s controversial lyric video for “Only,” check out the video below.

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