Scottie Scheffler proves Tiger Woods wrong, leaves him surprised after acing ‘rare’ shot

Scottie Scheffler and Tiger Woods featured in a recent promotional video for TaylorMade, a brand that has both among its top star sponsors. In the video, Scheffler pulled off a difficult shot, which amazed Woods.

The video saw Scottie Scheffler and Tiger Woods demonstrating approach shots to the green, with the participation of another TaylorMade player, Tommy Fleetwood. During the demonstration, Woods asked Scheffler to show him how he would look for the front right pin.

“I probably need to choke down a little bit and the cut it,” Scheffler said. [0.03 – 0.05]

Tiger Woods was not convinced that Scottie Scheffler could approach the pin properly by cutting the ball from the distance they were at (272 yards). Woods even asked Scheffler if it would be possible for him to give him enough height, to which Scheffler replied:

“With a cut I can.” [0.09 – 0.10]

Woods responded:

“That’s a pretty rare shot.” [0.11 – 0.12]

Scheffler then demonstrated with a Qi10 Fairway Wood shot that cut from left to right in search of the green. His shot was of such quality that it left the ball only a few feet from the pin, drawing praise from Woods:

“Golf shot. Well done. Golf shot,” Woods said, admiring Scheffler’s technique. [0.16 – 0.19]

Scottie Scheffler and Tiger Woods are two of the main members of TaylorMade’s sponsorship portfolio. The brand also sponsors other stars like Rory McIlroy, Nelly Korda, Tommy Fleetwood, Brooke Henderson and Charley Hull.

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Tiger Woods and Scottie Scheffler have featured in TaylorMade promotional videos

Woods and Scheffler are two of the main stars of TaylorMade’s promotional videos. The brand has a long history of making this type of material of the highest quality.

Woods and Scheffler have been featured in several of these videos during 2024. Most of them explain different actions within the game of golf. They have also demonstrated TaylorMade equipment, most recently with Qi10 series clubs.

One of them was done to demonstrate the Qi10 driver. Woods and Scheffler joined Rory McIlroy, Nelly Korda, Tommy Fleetwood, Brooke Henderson and Charley Hull for a straightest drive contest, all using the new driver.

A very popular video was produced by TaylorMade to celebrate Christmas, featuring their top sponsored players, where Woods played Santa Claus, while Scheffler and the others played the elves. The “elves” were busy wrapping presents for the children while “Santa” supervised the work.

Woods is preparing to compete in The Open Championship, the last major of the season. Scheffler, meanwhile, has among his main short-term commitments the Scottish Open, The Open and the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, to be played at Le Golf National.

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