SICCÎN 7 Creepy Turkish horror – first trailer!

Siccîn 7 is a 2024 supernatural horror film about a desperate family drawn into a dark ritual on a black moon. This is the seventh entry in the Siccîn franchise which began with Siccîn (2014), followed by Siccîn 2 (2015), Siccîn 3: Cürmü Aşk (2016), Siccîn 4 (2017), Siccîn 5 (2018) and Siccîn 6 (2017). Meanwhile, Sijjin is a 2023 Indonesian remake of the first Siccîn movie.

The movie was written and directed by Alper Mestçi (Siccîn franchise, Üç Harfliler franchise and Musallat movies). Produced by Muhtesem Tözüm.

The Muhtesem Film production stars Serkan Atar, Tugba Begde, Funda Eskioglu, Gönül Ürer, Ceyda Ceren Edis, Duru Irmak Apaydin, Yusuf Kaan Arpacik, Adnan Koç, Mana Alkoy and Caner Atacan.



Plot:Forced to quit his job as a doctor and flee after a “bloody bargain” with the child beggars mafia, Kemal (Serkan Atar) moves with his family to his uncle’s mansion.

When the dark secret he is involved in to save his little daughter Rüya (Duru Irmak Apaydin) from her illness combines with the darkness of his mother Lale’s (Gönül Ürer) mind, who has Alzheimer’s disease, the mansion they move into turns into a maze of paranormal nightmares…

Meral (Funda Eskioglu) enters the house under the pretence of helping the family, but her real intention is to fulfil the conditions of a Zulmat ritual held on the black moon, i.e. the absence of a full moon in a calendar month. This only happens in February, about once every nineteen years…

Release date:Siccîn 7 will be released theatrically in Turkey on June 14, 2024.

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