‘SO STUPID’ Kim Kardashian slammed for trying to ‘squeeze’ into outfit ‘two sizes too small’ at fashion show in Paris

KIM Kardashian has enraged fans with a behind-the-scenes clip of one of her iconic looks.

The Skims founder was filmed getting ready for a Paris Fashion Week event in a resurfaced clip, and fans were shocked at what they saw.

6Kim Kardashian fans labeled her ‘pathetic’ for a behind-the-scenes getting ready videoCredit: Hulu6The clip showed Kim grimacing as she dressed in full latex for Paris Fashion Week 2020Credit: E! Networks6Fans said it was ’embarrassing’ to see Kim squeezing into the skintight outfitCredit: E! Networks

In the video, Kim, 43, was getting into her outfit for a Balenciaga show in Paris in 2020, before which she attended the Sunday Service run by her ex-husband Kanye West, 46.

Kim and her sister Kourtney, 45, both wore Balmain outfits for the occasion, made entirely out of latex.

The clip showed Kim being dressed in the skintight outfit by a team of people, visibly grimacing as her body was inelegantly fitted into the squeaky material.

On Reddit, fans of the Hulu star blasted the painful-looking process behind Kim’s outfit.

“All that work to look so stupid,” one person said.

“How embarrassing trying to squeeze into clothes that are two sizes too small,” a second social media user snarked.

“The definition of being a fashion victim. Pathetic!” raged a third.

“This is so stupid. Just wear clothes that fit,” another critic agreed.


This isn’t the first time Kim has shocked fans with the processes behind her high-fashion looks.

For this year’s Met Gala, Kim wore a silver John Galliano gown with a very tight corset.

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Kim’s waist looked unbelievably small, and fans quickly raised concern over whether the corset was healthy for her.

Alongside the corset, Kim revealed some extra details on Instagram, including the shoes she wore beneath her floor-length gown.

The clear plastic shoes seemed very tight on Kim’s feet, and had no heel to support her weight.

“The shoes look torturous, to be honest,” one person said on a forum dedicated to the Kardashians.

“I truly cannot imagine the pain of stepping out in such a painful outfit and to be magnanimously out-slayed by women wearing dresses they can breathe in and shoes they can walk in,” a second wrote.


While Kim uses extreme fashion to achieve her jaw-dropping looks, fans think she might have also had a helping hand from plastic surgery.

The American Horror Story star was spotted out in Los Angeles last week as she supported her son Saint, 8, at a basketball game.

For the outing, Kim wore baggy black trousers white a white crop top, leaving a strip of her bare midriff on display.

Fans thought they spotted liposuction stars in the unedited pics, and quickly debated whether Kim had gone under the knife.

“Are those tummy tuck scars?” one person asked alongside the photos.

“That one looks like a lipo maybe. I’m just in shock,” a second replied.

6Kim was dubbed a ‘fashion victim’ for the look, which she matched with her sister KourtneyCredit: Getty6Fans also concluded that Kim was ‘torturing herself’ after she wore a tiny corset at the Met GalaCredit: Getty6Alongside her fashion tricks, fans thought they saw ‘liposuction scars’ in unedited picsCredit: Splash

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