“THE CLASS OF A KING”:LeBron James and his huge outfits are driving “hypebeasts” crazy.

Throughout his glorious career, LeBron James has expanded his influence from the world of sports into a pop culture icon. Let’s join ELLE Man in admiring the classy fashion style of “King” James through the following article.

Possessing a solid position in the ranks of the most outstanding athletes ever to appear in the history of the sports world, LeBron James has always been the favorite child of giant Nike, as well as a sought-after name. diligently in all fields. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that the status of “King” James has long gone beyond the realm of the world sports industry and has become one of the symbols of American popular culture.

Besides an illustrious career decorated with 4 NBA championship rings as well as a series of different titles and records, fashion style is also a key element in the “brand identity”. by LeBron James.

Lebron James celebrates the NBA championship with his LA Lakers teammates. Photo: CBS

However, although he is always sought after by a series of large and small fashion brands, “King” James’s style is not one-color or influenced by hypebeast trends like his younger colleagues. On the contrary, each of LeBron James’ outfits bears the mark of his trendy fashion sense and together creates the iconic image of one of the most outstanding players in the sports world.

1. Sneaker game – the foundation of LeBron James’ style

LeBron James at the launch of the LeBron 8 “South Beach” in 2011 – one of the most sought after sneaker designs of all time. Photo: Nike

Not only does he own one of the highly sought-after Nike sneaker lines under his personal brand, LeBron James also owns a diverse collection of sports shoes, from extremely hyped special editions to custom designs. extremely iconic and classified as classics in local culture, like the LeBron 8 “South Beach” or the LeBron 9 “Watch the Throne”.

LeBron James on the feet of two sneaker versions LeBron 9 and 11 in the “Watch The Throne” color scheme – one of the legendary color schemes of the basketball shoe line named after him

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LeBron James always knows how to create a flattering outfit, even when wearing sneakers with colorful color combinations

However, one of the special things that the writer really likes about LeBron James is the tonality of his sneakers and other items in his outfit. No matter how hyped a special version is, “King” James always knows how to “play” to create a harmonious whole.

For outstanding sports shoe designs like this pair of Air Jordan 1s in All Neon Pink color, King James chooses to combine them with neutral-colored items and classic jeans. Photo: instagram @kingjames

LeBron James himself also shared that “I always start dressing by choosing a suitable pair of shoes first, and will coordinate the colors accordingly. It has been a habit of mine since I was a child.” So it is not an exaggeration to consider sneakers as the foundation that constitutes the unique fashion style of cultural icon LeBron James.

Even when wearing highly hyped versions like the Air Force 1 x VLON or Air Jordan 4 x OFF-WHITE, Lebron James still knows how to make the sneaker blend into a part of the overall tone of his outfit.

For example, with this outfit, even though he is wearing an extremely hyped sneaker model, Nike x Fear Of God, it can be seen that the combination of sky blue and bordeaux purple is the real highlight of this outfit of LeBron. Photo: Pinterest2. Suits – a lever to create class

If we consider sportswear style and sneakers as the foundation that created LeBron James’s fashion style from the early days, then tailored suits are the lever that brings the image of “King” James to a new level.

Possessing physical beauty with a solid body and a height of 2 meters 6, LeBron James seems to be a dream model for tailored suit designs with perfect shapes. Not only does it highlight James’s class and superstar charisma, the suits chosen by LeBron also demonstrate the sophistication but also full of style in his fashion sense.

Turtleneck sweaters always help increase the handsomeness of men. Photo: Getty Images

In the realm of suits, Thom Browne is definitely James’s true love. Photo: JESSE D. GARRABRANT

From the style of combining classic suit designs with modern LeBron sneakers to choosing innovative low-cut suit designs or even Thom Browne ‘s signature shorts , LeBron always knows how to make himself stand out. stand out while still ensuring the elegance of a gentleman and the class of a superstar.

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Thom Browne’s signature shorts and suits are also very popular with LeBron. If in the outfit on the right, King James wears the whole Thom Browne outfit from suit to shoes, the outfit on the left is a breakthrough with the appearance of a hoodie and a pair of Nike AF 1 x John Elliott with highlights coming from the socks. Red is prominent but harmonious.

Even when cheering for your teammates, you have to look cool with a Thom Browne suit and a pair of Converse x OFF-WHITE. Photo: Getty Images

LeBron also often brings an American twist to tailored suits by mixing and matching with hoodies, t-shirts, sneakers or even LeBron basketball shoes.3. From streetwear to luxury fashion

After following Lebron James for a while, the writer can confirm that the LA Lakers superstar is one of the fashion icons capable of combining the two schools of streetwear and luxury fashion in the most harmonious way.

LeBron James in an outfit that blends the dustiness of streetwear with the elegance of high-end items such as trousers, printed turtleneck sweaters and highlights from the Nike x Tom Sachs “Mars Yard 2.0” pair. Photo: instagram @kingjames

In modern fashion, the line between street fashion and high fashion is gradually being blurred, and combining these two schools in the same outfit is no longer strange. However, to be able to create harmonies that combine signature items from high-end brands such as Goyard , Louis Vuitton , Dior or Thom Browne with Nike’s sporty designs, and still stand out. To have the values ​​and spirit of both schools like LeBron James, not many people can do it.

The colors in LeBron’s outfits are always mixed and matched extremely harmoniously

Perhaps always knowing how to make the most of physical beauty, combined with the combination of delicate accessories and the habit of coordinating clothes that emphasize tonality rather than being as ostentatious as possible, have helped “King” James shape his image. achieving a unique and precise fashion sense, worthy of the status of an icon in popular culture.

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It’s true that when your appearance is beautiful, simply wearing it is enough.

An impressive outfit with a color scheme inspired by the Nike x Sacai pair and the presence of a denim kimono design. Photo: Getty Images4. Collaboration – unique colors of LeBron James

Possessing a top fashion style and a personal brand worth millions of dollars, it is no wonder that LeBron James is always sought after by fashion brands. Besides, James’s love for fashion can also be seen as a catalyst for his outstanding collaborative projects in the fashion field.

Sneaker collection “Long Live The King” with 3 cool color combinations on the Nike LeBron 15 shoe model launched by KITH brand in 2017. Photo: KITH

Many times LeBron James has made fans excited by his collab collections with unique street fashion brands such as KITH or John Elliott. To end today’s article, let’s join ELLE Man in taking a look at some of the collections that have made waves from “King” James and other streetwear brands.

Following the success of the debut collection, the relationship between LeBron James and KITH’s Ronnie Fieg has continued to bring a complete fashion collection with a focus on Nike LeBron shoe models with luxurious color combinations and patterns. Floral has a royal feel – true to LeBron’s nickname King James.

LeBron James suddenly appeared on KITH’s debut runway at New York Fashion Week 2017. Photo: KITH

In 2015, LeBron James also unexpectedly announced a collaboration with John Elliott (left) – a designer who was creating a lot of buzz at that time. Photo: Getty Images

The design named “Icon” in collaboration between John Elliott and LeBron James was highly sought after when it was first released in 2015 – 2016. Up to now, the new color combinations of this shoe line are still very popular with fans

Some outstanding color combinations of the Icon sneaker line, a collaboration between John Elliott and LeBron James

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