“The Demon Slayer” will bring the battle of Infinite City to the big screen

Not only that, the fierce battle between the Demon Slayer Team swordsmen and Demon King Muzan and his strongest demons in the Infinite City will be made in three parts.Illustration

Season 4 of Demon Slayer ( Kimetsu no Yaiba / Demon Slayer ) has ended with episode 8. As the name of this season is Great Pillar Special Training , the swordsmen of the Demon Slayer Team participated in a training course. to improve strength, with each challenge stage being undertaken by a Great Pillar – the name given to the strongest swordsmen. The training has ended, but the fiercest battle has just begun.

According to the ending of Demon Slayer: Great Pillar Special Training , Demon King Muzan has found the mansion of Lord Ubuyashiki – the head of the Demon Slayer Team. He came to take his enemy’s life, not expecting that this was a trap. Lord Ubuyashiki used himself as bait to blow up the entire mansion, knowing that only that way would still not be able to destroy Muzan, but it would more or less weaken him.

Next, Tamayo – a female demon who escaped from Muzan, suddenly injected him with a specially made serum to turn him into a human. Lava Pillar Himejima – the only person who knew the Lord’s plan, rushed to support Tamayo.

At the same time, the other Great Pillars and Tanjiro heard the news and immediately rushed to the mansion. The gathering of the Great Pillars at this moment is also part of the Lord’s plan. Although there was no time to save the Lord, the Great Pillars gathered enough with a strong desire to take Muzan’s head. Everyone drew their weapons, aiming for a single target, Muzan.

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Faced with the situation of being surrounded, Demon King Muzan smiled devilishly, and in a split second the Infinite City opened. This is a space created by Muzan, with floating buildings, horizontal and vertical like a maze, endless. Muzan often summons his demon subordinates to Infinite City whenever he wants.

This time, he brought all the Demon Slayers’ swordsmen to Limitless City as if he wanted to put them all in a trap, once and for all those who dared to stand in his way. But this is also the Demon Slayer’s opportunity. When they go deep into the enemy’s heart and destroy the base, if they kill Muzan, all the demons in the world will disappear.

At the end of season 4, the producer of The Demon Slayer announced that the battle in the Infinite City will be made into a theatrical version, a trilogy , meaning this part of the story will consist of three films. movie part. “It promises to be one of the truly epic pop culture events,” said a producer representative.

Since its debut, Demon Slayer has been made with 4 full-length seasons, and a theatrical part is Endless Train . Currently, Endless Train still holds the record for the highest-grossing anime (animation) of all time and is the highest-grossing Japanese film at the global box office, grossing more than 500 million dollars (nearly 13 million US dollars). trillion dong). With the epic level of the fierce battle at Infinite City, it seems that a new record sales milestone is about to be set.

According to the manga (comic book), the Infinite City part is the longest part, lasting 47 chapters. Many fans speculate that with the film trilogy, perhaps the battles in the Infinite City will be separate and staged separately in each part, such as Tanjiro reuniting with the Supreme Legend Akaza, Shinobu’s Insect Pillar confronting the Supreme Legend’s Second Doma, or Ha Tru Muichirou clashes with Upper Huyen Nhat Kokushibou… Demons of the Upper Huyen level are the strongest demons under Muzan’s command, Dai Tru are the strongest swordsmen of the Demon Slayer Team, strong people meet – it will definitely bring the fiercest battle.

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Notably, the producer has not mentioned anything about the story Countdown to the Rising Sun. This is the final part of the Demon Slayer , marking the final moment of the battle.

Some comments from netizens:

“But when does it show?”

“It will definitely break box office records. I guarantee!”

“Those who have read the manga will know that what is about to be shown will be legendary!”

“What I’m most curious about is: How long will the waiting time be between movies? If it’s about 1 – 1.5 years, it’s okay, but if it’s 3 years, it’s quite discouraging.”

“I will be at the cinema no matter what!”

“I love this idea!!! The Demon Slayer Sword looks great on the big screen, the effects are so eye-catching!!!”

“Oh, it’s like the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but here it’s Demon Slayer. So excited!”

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