SCORE: 5.5/10


Taking inspiration from The Human Centipede films, the warden of a notorious and troubled prison looks to create a 500-person human centipede as a solution to his problems.


There is no real plot like the first two.The production values are way inferior as well.I was SO hoping this would be good.

On top of the god- awful acting it comes accompanied by the worst scripts in history, and a plot that made absolutely no sense whatsoever, in fact, there was no plot for 90% of this thing. This is ‘The Human Centipede’ right?

SO WHERE WAS THE CENTIPEDE FOR THE FIRST HOUR AND 20 MINUTES??? I honestly do not know which was more difficult to sit through, the surgery (or lack thereof) or that piece of garbage that was the culmination of bad acting, writing, directing and everything else.

There were a few times where the film showed signs of trying to be satirical and even self aware but it was so ridiculously dumb that by that point you just want to gouge your eyes out. I don’t even know why i am still wasting my time talking about this when i just wasted an hour and 40 minutes of my life watching it.

So here’s the score and if you want to subject yourself to torture be my guest because i’m out.

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