The Lakers announced the re-signing of a controversial player: 100% deal

A polarizing player this season for the Los Angeles Lakers was forward Taurean Prince, not due to his play, but his role and what he was asked to do for L.A.

Former head coach Darvin Ham had a past relationship with Prince, resulting in a lot of trust in the wing. He began the season as a starter and played big minutes before eventually slotting into a more familiar bench role.

When playing high minutes, Prince’s ability to space the floor as well as his perimeter defense seemed to diminish a bit. However, when relegated to a role that fits, Prince was way more effective off the bench and became a vital piece during the back half of the regular season.

Now Prince enters free agency and it remains to be seen what his market could look like. However, when asked about his expectations for this summer, he said he hopes to remain a Laker but acknowledged that it may not work out.

“My family, the quality of life in Los Angeles is something that myself and my family haven’t had in probably three or four seasons,” Prince said in an interview with Lakers Nation. “So to stay here would be definitely number one. If not that, then I mean, wherever the dominoes fall and wherever it’s best, that’s where I’ll be. But I for sure want to be a Laker, 100%.”

It is great to see the 30-year-old would like to return and stay with the Lakers after bouncing around early in his career. After playing for the Atlanta Hawks, Cleveland Cavaliers, Brooklyn Nets and Minnesota Timberwolves, finding some stability makes sense at this stage of Prince’s career.

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Hopefully, Prince and general manager Rob Pelinka can negotiate and find a common ground to bring back the valuable 39.6% 3-point shooter from last season. With a lack of cap space though, a raise doesn’t seem to be in the cards unless Prince signs elsewhere.

Taurean Prince pleased with ability to stay healthy during 2023-24 season

One of the things that hurt the Lakers this past season was health with many key role players missing extended time so L.A. could never see its true potential and compete for a championship.

Prince was one of the few that maintained his health and played 78 games though and he discussed how pleased he was by this feat. If the Lakers are able to sign Prince, having someone that is dependable and durable off the bench would be a huge boost.

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