The Movie (2025) with Jason Momoa!

Exciting news has emerged from the world of entertainment as it’s been officially announced that the highly anticipated Minecraft movie will star none other than Hollywood heavyweight Jason Momoa.

Set to bring the beloved video game to life on the big screen, Minecraft: The Movie promises to deliver an immersive and action-packed experience for fans of all ages.In this groundbreaking adaptation, Jason Momoa will take on the lead role, adding his undeniable charisma and talent to the project.

Known for his captivating performances in hit films such as Aquaman and TV series like Game of Thrones, Momoa’s involvement in Minecraft: The Movie has generated significant buzz and anticipation among audiences worldwide.

Details about the plot of Minecraft: The Movie are being kept tightly under wraps, but sources close to the production hint at an epic adventure that will stay true to the spirit of the game while offering fresh and exciting twists. With Momoa at the helm, fans can expect a thrilling journey filled with danger, discovery, and, of course, plenty of block-building action


The most recent Minecraft movie news came when the studio revealed its release date. Warner Bros. officially set the Minecraft release date for April 4, 2025. This was a date Warner Bros. originally set for an untitled film, and it turned out to be for the Minecraft movie — news that was both unexpected and welcome.

Warner Bros. continues to move its movie releases around, as it also announced Minecraft star Jason Momoa’s DC movie, Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom will hit theaters on December 20, 2023.

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There is also always a chance the Minecraft Movie release date could get moved, but for now, this is the set date. The movie hasn’t started production yet, but it is scheduled to start shooting on August 7, 2023, in New Zealand (via KFTV).

This gives the movie two full years to shoot the movie and do all post-production work, which is expected to be extensive with what gamers know about the world of Minecraft, and the fact it is a live-action movie.

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