Tiny specialties in Hai Phong are praised by famous American chefs as “the best in Vietnam”

The chef said he was most impressed with a bread dish that is a famous specialty of Hai Phong city.Chad Kubanoff loves Vietnamese bread

Chad Kubanoff (37 years old) is an American chef, currently living in Ho Chi Minh City. Not only famous in the culinary world, the male chef is also known by many people for regularly posting cooking videos and experiencing street food in Vietnam. Chad Kubanoff’s personal page currently has more than 26 million followers.

Chad Kubanoff revealed that he loves Vietnamese bread with a thin, crispy crust and a filling that can be transformed into hundreds of different flavors. Recently, the American chef also took on a small challenge to taste many versions of bread in Vietnam and evaluate which is the best.

Accordingly, Chad traveled all over the districts in Ho Chi Minh City and enjoyed many types of bread such as braised beef bread, egg cream bread, fish cake bread, grilled rib bread, beef bread with lolot leaves, chicken bread. torn, roasted pork sandwiches,…

However, Chad said he was most impressed with the spicy bread – a famous specialty in Hai Phong city. The 37-year-old chef ranked this dish at the highest level on the Vietnamese bread rating scale he created.


Spicy bread (also known as breadsticks) is about the size of two fingers, about a hand long and is filled with only greasy pate, without sauce or pickles like traditional breads. other system. In particular, what contributes to creating a unique flavor that cannot be compared anywhere else is Hai Phong’s own chili sauce. This type of chili sauce has a light consistency and is bright red or orange-red in color.

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The taste of chili sauce is not too spicy like regular chili sauce, but slightly sour, rich in flavor and fragrant.

American chefs are fascinated with breadsticks – a specialty in Hai Phong

After buying some spicy bread and enjoying it, Chad commented: “The spicy bread is rich and rich, a bit greasy because there is pate and chili inside. However, the flavor is really attractive and I really like it.” The American chef said that if we were to rank, spicy bread would be at the top of the list of delicious breads in Vietnam.

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