Tyson Fury is set to bank another £100m when he fights Usyk again after controversial loss in Saudi

Tyson Fury is set to bank another £100million from a rematch with Oleksandr Usyk after losing for the first time last night as the Ukrainian fighter became the first undisputed heavyweight champion of the four belt era.

The judges on the night scored the bout 115-112 Usyk, 114-113 Fury and 114-113 Usyk to see Usyk win via split-decision – but the pre-bout deal the two boxers signed lines up a second encounter.

Fury, from Morecambe in Lancashire, claimed afterwards that the judges favoured Usyk due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – while the British boxer’s wife Paris revealed how she was a ‘bag of nerves’ before the epic tussle.

It has also been revealed that triumphant Usyk, 37, was rushed to hospital with a suspected broken jaw instead of attending a post-match press conference.

The battle was a tale of two halves at the Kingdom Arena, after 35-year-old Fury dominated the opening rounds before Usyk came back to control the fight with a flurry of punches in the ninth round leaving the Gypsy King floundering.

Oleksandr Usyk (left) produced a stunning comeback to beat Tyson Fury (right) on Saturday

The Ukrainian had Fury troubled in the ninth round and nearly knocked out the Gypsy King

The victory sees Usyk become the first undisputed heavyweight champion in this century

Fury started the fight well however began to fade as the heavyweight title bout went on

After the final round, there was mutual respect between the two fighters who exchanged kisses and hugs as they awaited the result.

But Fury’s mood soured when Usyk was named the victor with the UK fighter telling an interviewer that ‘people are siding with Usyk because of the Ukraine war’.

Fury’s wife Paris, 34, said beforehand about watching her husband fight: ‘I hate it  I’ve got to be truthful, that’s the flat out answer.

‘I support him but I don’t enjoy it. I hate being there but on the other hand, I feel like I have to be there.

‘I feel like, if I’m not there, what happens if something goes wrong and I’m not with him?’

Fury insisted after his first ever career defeat that he was ready for a rematch mooted to happen this coming October.

He said: ‘I believe I won that fight. He won a few of the rounds but I won the majority of them.

‘It’s one of those things – what can you do with decisions in boxing? We both put on a good fight, the best we could do. His country’s at war – so people are siding with the country at war.

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‘But make no mistake, I won that fight, in my opinion. I’ll be back. I’ve got a rematch clause. I’ve had a split-decision loss to a good little man.

‘We go back, have a little rest up, spend some time with our families, and get it back on in October. I’m not going to sit here and cry and make excuses. It was a good fight.

‘We go back to our families and run it back in October. Good luck to Oleksandr, well done. God bless, happy New Year.’

Both men had come flying out of the blocks in the opening round, as Fury looked to keep Usyk at distance before targeting the body with some heavy shots.

Usyk however, using his diligent footwork, looked to negate Fury’s reach and get inside by operating on different levels – which eventually paid dividends.

In the opening round, Fury was clearly enjoying himself and gestured to the crowd before being caught by the Ukrainian while on the ropes.

The Gypsy King looked for the uppercut in the second round, missing twice before catching Usyk with 10 seconds left on the clock. The Ukrainian wore it well but certainly felt Fury’s power.

Usyk then landed a right-left combination in the second before wincing from a powerful body shot from Fury.

Usyk had seemed troubled at times however overcame the adversity to eventually win the bout

The Gypsy King taunted Usyk throughout the fight despite being second-best on the night

The Ukrainian scored a knockdown in the ninth as Fury found himself held up by the ropes

However, the Ukrainian did end the round by getting Fury in the corner and landing a flurry of punches before complaining about his counter-punch landing on the back of the head.

Then, a clash of heads in the fourth concerned fans that Fury’s cut would open up however Fury didn’t appear to be worried – summoning Usyk on before doing a few Muhammed Ali shuffles.

Fury appeared to be getting the better of his opponent, as Usyk complained of two low blows in the fifth round before being caught to the body twice. Fury also managed to cut Usyk above his right eye.

The Gypsy King got the fans excited in the sixth, landing an uppercut that wobbled the Ukrainian before finishing the round with his hands behind his back.

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However, Usyk survived and began to mount an impressive comeback, as he continued to operate on different levels in the eighth to try and close the distance.

Then, the tables turned in the ninth round. Fury was saved by the bell, or perhaps the referee, after going down following a relentless attack from Usyk.

The Ukrainian drew upon energy that Fury did not think remained, after dominating earlier, and stunned the British heavyweight with some powerful combinations.

Usyk then continued the charge in the 10th and asserted his dominance over the British star as he continued to set the pace and keep Fury on the back-foot.

Following the tenth, both men showed signs of fatigue after putting everything they had into what can only be described as an excellent fight.

It was an all out war for the final round, with the judges scoring it 115-112 Usyk, 114-113 Fury and 114-113 Usyk.

After the fight, Fury claimed ‘people are siding with Usyk because of the Ukraine war’ following his split-decision defeat.

Usyk and his team stand with his four heavyweight belts after the triumphant victory

Meanwhile, Fury made the stunning claim that ‘people are siding with the country at war’

Usyk’s trainer, Alexander Krassyuk, evidently did not agree with Fury’s claims as he insisted that the Ukrainian was robbed of a knockout in the ninth round.

Krassyuk said: ‘I’m exhausted, I was backing Usyk all fight. No disrespect to the referee but I think he stopped a KO in the ninth but anyway it was a tremendous performance.

‘It was unbelievable and I hope to see more in the rematch.’

Shortly after the decision, fans gave their support to the Brit on social media, with some claiming he was wronged on the scorecards.

‘Tyson Fury got robbed,’ one fan posted on X in reaction to the bout. ‘Showed a heart of a lion.’

Another wrote: ‘Fury 115 Usyk 144 – Fury robbed but Usyk brilliant!’

Fury himself said: ‘I want to thank God. We fought a good fight for the fans. I always say it’s about getting paid and getting laid and we did that.

‘I want to thank Oleksandr for the good fight. It was a close fight. I thought I’d done enough, but I’m not a judge. I can’t judge a fight while I’m boxing in it.’

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And on battling Usyk again, he declared: ‘Yes, of course – rematch. I am ready. We have more time to do a good fight.’

Cristiano Ronaldo (middle) was situated on the front row, sat next to Anthony Joshua (left)

Before being taken to hospital, champion Usyk said: ‘I feel good. A lot of people prayed for me. I love you. I’m very happy.

‘My people will be very happy. It’s a big win, not only for me but it’s a big win for my country and for the soldiers who now defend my country.

‘Thank you so much to my team. It’s a big opportunity for my family, for me, for my country. It’s a great time, it’s a great day.’

A number of sport’s biggest stars were seen in attendance on the night – with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Anthony Joshua and Neymar all watching on.

Ronaldo, who currently plays for Al-Nassr in the Saudi Pro League, has been a regular at big fights in Saudi Arabia and continued that trend on Saturday.

Sat alongside Joshua for the big fight, the footballer was a large focus of attention as the build to the main event continued inside the Kingdom Arena.

Before the main event got underway, the 39-year-old was approached by former rival and fellow football superstar Neymar, and the two engaged in a brief conversation before embracing.

In an exclusive interview with Mail Sport in the build-up to the fight, Usyk said that he wants to give back to those who have suffered from the war in his home country.

Usyk previously said that he wants to give back to those who have suffered from the war

His charity, the Usyk Foundation, has launched a major fundraising campaign to raise €1million (£860,000) to buy 50 ambulances to save Ukrainian lives amid the ongoing conflict with Russia.

Speaking on the conflict he said: ‘My everyday routine begins with picking up the phone and reading the news about how many rockets have landed in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and other cities today.

‘Every morning I check to see if all of my friends and loved ones are alive and pray for their safety. And this is how millions of Ukrainians start their day.

‘Before the undisputed fight, I received many words of support from all over the world. Those words inspire and motivate me.’

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