Wanting his son to continue his legacy, Tiger Woods came up with mottos to motivate him

Tiger Woods ‘frustrated’ about his game, but ‘trying not to put too much pressure’ on son’s career

Tiger Woods is “frustrated” with his golf game but looking to his 15-year-old son, Charlie Axel, to carry on his legacy, a longtime friend of the golfer tells The Post.

After Woods, 48, missed the cut at the PGA Championship earlier this month, his pal said: “It’s setback after setback for him, and it’s really weighing heavily on him.

“He’s really frustrated as he figures out how to come back.”

Charlie Woods, 15, is “a good golfer, but doesn’t have his dad’s focus,” says a family friendGetty Images

Woods crashed out of the Genesis Invitational tournament in February, flamed out at the Masters in April and has made no secret of still suffering from several health issues.

However, one thing Woods, 48, is determined to avoid is demanding too much from Charlie, 15, who is forging a golf career of his own.

This week, Charlie is competing in the Adam Scott Junior Championship in Lake Worth, Florida, alongside some of the most renowned junior champs from the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA). His famous dad has been watching him play.

“It’s almost funny to watch Tiger sometimes,” says the insider. “He gets so excited watching. If there’s a bad shot, he’ll wince. But he holds his tongue a lot; his dad was legendary, but pushed Tiger maybe too much. Tiger wants to be a balance of pushing, but also supporting and nurturing.”

“He’s trying not to put too much pressure on Charlie.”

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Woods is still reeling from missing the cut at the PGA Championship, according to pals.

The once-dominant Woods struggled at the PGA championship this month.Getty ImagesDespite the relatively easy conditions at Valhalla, his game imploded during the second round.

“It was a great week being here at Valhalla, but unfortunately my scores did not indicate how the people treated me and how great a week I had,” Woods told reporters after his crushing loss. “Unfortunately, I hit too many shots.”

“He was p—ed at himself,” says his pal. “He’s got to do better. He would hate to have his career end up with him just limping around like a tired old horse. He doesn’t want to be embarrassing. He still wants to be a force.”

“Charlie is Tiger’s heir apparent,” says a friend. “there’s a lot of expectations on his shoulders.”Getty ImagesWoods is expected to make his next professional start in the US Open at Pinehurst No.2 after he accepted a special invitation earlier this year.

It will be his first appearance at the tournament since 2020.

“I’m gonna just keep fighting,” Woods said after his last loss. “Keep the pedal on, keep fighting, keep grinding, keep working hard. That’s all I can do. It’s going to be a lot, but I’m going to fight until the end.”

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