‘Wild’ Bryson DeChambeau Trumps ‘Vintage’ Tiger Woods as Paige Spiranac Makes a Bold Remark:’ Can You Imagine…’

Whether Bryson DeChambeau can bring back Tiger Woods-like glamor to golf is still up for debate. But Paige Spiranac is sure of one thing: the reigning U.S. Champion showed some exemplary crowd-pulling skills that even the Big Cat couldn’t.

Bryson DeChambeau was chatting with spectators at the U.S. Open in the most tense situations. At the short par-4 13th, fans wanted him to use his driver. After consulting with his caddie, Greg Bodine, the two-time major winner picked his custom-made Avoda iron. “Don’t boo me; I’m sorry,” the 30-year-old told the surrounding crowd to uproarious laughter.

The 2-time major winner was also fielding autograph requests throughout the round. Even on Sunday, the Crushers captain signed a fan’s hat and high-fived his way to the back nine. The nine-time PGA Tour winner later recalled that it’s a symbiotic relationship he has with the spectators.

When things don’t go my way, try to feed off the crowd a little bit to get me pumped up again, and if I hit a great shot, then interact with the fans as much as possible,” Bryson DeChambeau told the media persons from Nashville, a week after his second major win.

To a certain extent, it was reminiscent of Tiger Woods. But Paige Spiranac believes even Woods didn’t have this dynamic relationship with his hardcore fans. His interactions were limited to the fist pumps and roars after a jaw-dropping putt or an astounding iron shot.

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Golf Mommy asked, Can we think of Woods joking with fans while leading a major? “How wild was it that he was in a major, leading a major, and like bantering back and forth with [the spectators]! Can you imagine vintage Tiger doing that?” Spiranac exclaimed while playing with Erik Anderson Lang of Random Golf Club. Lang shook his head in response.

It’s an intriguing comparison to make. Woods, in his prime, was laser-focused on his game. Rarely did fans get any such Bryson DeChambeau-like moments from the 15-time major champion. However, with time (and age) Woods has shown a different side that fans missed before. What explains Tiger Woods’s perceived frigidity with fans?

Tiger Woods walked with a sense of unyielding superiority and an aura of invincibility. Shutting himself off from distractions, be they from fellow competitors or fans, was an indistinguishable part of his mental game. Most of the time, that made him appear cold as ice on the outside. Fans rooted for him, cheered for him, and worshipped him. But there was a distance between the Messiah and his countless apostles.

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Bryson DeChambeau does not maintain that detached attitude. The LIV Golfer is a ‘people’s champion’, and the future of golf to some.He walks the streets with his U.S. Open trophy, lets fans pose with him, and even lets them touch the sterling silver trophy.

Although imagining Tiger Woods in that position might require some serious stretching of the imagination, the veteran golfer has shown a softer side in recent years. At last year’s Genesis Invitational, Woods walked up to a little fan who came with a poster detailing her checklist. The second, which the 82-time PGA Tour winner checked off, read ‘Meeting Tiger Woods.’ Times have changed, and Woods, at 48, seems a little lenient on himself and his fans.

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