Will Angelina Jolie’s Vietnamese-born adopted son follow in the footsteps of the eldest son of the Becks family?

Many people think that Pax Thien, the son of actress Angelina Jolie, will fall into a deadlock like Brooklyn Beckham.

Pax Thien is one of the children that Angelina Jolie loves and has high hopes for. After graduating from high school, Jolie’s Vietnamese-born adopted son is said to pursue a career in creating mixed media and digital media visual arts. Because he didn’t want to attract attention, Pax took the stage name Embtto. His works follow an abstract style, created from many media and materials.

Pax Thien continuously worked as an assistant to her adoptive mother, taking on the role of backstage photographer for Angelina Jolie.

It is known that Pax not only worked as Angelina’s assistant on set but also helped her mother build a fashion company while researching designs to decorate the office. Recently, Pax Thien was at the fashion shop with her mother and participated in taking photos. The guy looks like a professional photographer. Previously, Pax Thien took on the role of behind-the-scenes photographer for movies and magazines for mother Angelina Jolie.

Looking at the image above of Pax Thien, many people think of Brooklyn – the eldest son of the Becks family. They wonder if Pax will follow in Brooklyn’s footsteps.

Brooklyn once pursued a career as a photographer. Becks’ son was also trusted by his wife Victoria to take photos of the fashion collection and received contracts thanks to his parents’ reputation. However, after a period of working as a photographer, Brooklyn felt bored and turned to becoming a chef.

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Many people wonder whether Angelina Jolie’s adopted Vietnamese son will follow in the footsteps of Brooklyn, the son of the Becks family.

He constantly receives a lot of criticism from the online community because he has never undergone a professional cooking course but claims to make a living as a chef. Currently after getting married, Brooklyn is still struggling with his career. I don’t know if he will change jobs again in the near future.

In fact, Pax Thien’s background and educational and development environment are different from Brooklyn. Pax was an orphan adopted by Angelina Jolie and Brooklyn has been a warm child since birth. Thanks to Angelina’s teaching and investment, Pax became much more confident, strong and mature. Although we don’t know what the future holds, Jolie’s son is now helping his mother take care of the family after his parents’ divorce and is also trying to develop his own career, not wanting to rely on his parents.

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