Will the legend stay or leave?

LeBron James’ former enemy joining Lakers coaching staff could put his future in question

Rajon Rondo would certainly make for an interesting hire.

LeBron James and Rajon Rondo defend against the Chicago Bulls.LAPRESSE

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently without a head coach, which puts the future of the players and of the franchise in flux. No one knows who will stay or who will go, and that includes the legendary LeBron James.

Much has been made this offseason about what James will do. Many link his future with Bronny James, while some rumors have even considered that he may stay in L.A. as a player-coach. That’s unlikely to happen, so the Lakers need to find a real head coach and build a staff.

Rajon Rondo to join Los Angeles Lakers as coach?

Surprisingly, a former nemesis-turned-teammate of James is being considered for a coaching role: Rajon Rondo.

Rumors of the Lakers’ staffing plans have run throughout the league during the past two weeks, with some names most commonly mentioned including former head coach Scott Brooks and assistants Sam Cassell and Jared Dudley. Ex-Lakers guard Rajon Rondo has also been under consideration, according to people with knowledge of the situation not authorized to speak publicly.

Dan Woike, Los Angeles Times

Rondo played for the Lakers from 2018 to 2020 and joined the team at the same time as James. The two got along well and actually won a championship together, but before that they were on-court enemies.

While James was with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat, Rondo was a huge part of helping the Boston Celtics become an Eastern Conference powerhouse and a major thorn in James’ side. Although it was weird to see the two team up in L.A. given their past history, they didn’t have any personal problems and have become friends since those early days.

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