10 Things to Consider Before Moving In Together

10 Things to Consider Before Moving In Together

10 Things to Consider Before Moving In Together

Moving in together is a significant milestone in any relationship. Even if you’ve declared your love for someone, spending nights with them and sharing mutual space is a completely different story. Problems will arise if certain issues are not discussed in advance, resulting in a stressful living situation. Here are the most important questions you should ask yourself before moving in with someone.

1. How will you divide your household expenses?

It is critical to determine who is paying for what. Money discussions can be awkward at times, but they are necessary in any adult relationship. Discuss whether a joint account will be established or if everything will be divided separately. It’s far better to have a quick but slightly awkward financial conversation than to be uncomfortable with certain responsibilities.

2. Who will be named on the lease?

Will the lease be in both of your names, or just one? Sure, some may consider this a “break-up plan,” but it’s still important to have the conversation because forever isn’t always on the table, and it’s important to be realistic.

3. How will chores and meal preparation be assigned?

Household tasks will not complete themselves, and it is critical to discuss who will take on which tasks or areas, such as garbage, dishes, or the dreaded bathroom deep clean. Perhaps one of you will focus on cooking and grocery shopping, while the other will clean. What is most important is that labor is divided fairly.

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