11 Real Signs You Are Falling In Love

11 Real Signs You Are Falling In Love

While falling in love isn’t a scientific process, we suppose it is when you consider that the hormone oxytocin, which causes feelings of love, is released when you fall in love. However, the exact act of “falling in love” looks different for every individual.

According to Austin-based psychotherapist Louis Laves-Webb, there aren’t enough cues in someone’s body language to determine whether they are in love or not. And that takes place because, to one person, playing with their hair or shrugging their shoulders could be signs of being in love. To someone else, it might just be a sign that they need to scratch their head because they have dandruff problems.

It is impossible to tell for sure if someone is in love with you. You will typically be aware of it when it occurs. The following are some clear indications that you are falling in love if you really want to know some helpful cues that can guide you in the right direction.


  • One of the few signs that someone is falling in love, according to R. Matthew Montoya, a psychology professor at the University of Dayton who also oversaw research into identifying the non-verbal signs of people falling in love, is nodding one’s head or imitating actions.
  • According to a recent study, falling in love can reduce physical discomfort by more than 40%. According to Adina Mahalli, a relationship expert at Maple Holistics, this is convincing evidence that going through a painful process like surgery with a loved one by your side can actually help you bear the pain and enable your body to recover quickly.
  • According to Ross Grossman, manager of Affinity Therapy Services, if you notice your stress level rising, it may be a sign that you are in love because when you fall in love, your brain begins to produce more of the stress hormone cortisol. Every text you receive should make you feel tense or uneasy; this is a sign that you are in love.
  • According to Michelle Fraley, relationship expert and CEO of Spark Matchmaking, when someone has your full attention and you don’t feel the need to check your phone too frequently while they are around, you are in love.
  • Because of the increased production of cortisol when you are in love, relationship expert Audrey Hope says you might also feel a little queasy or sweat excessively.
  • According to Fraley, you can express your love for someone by maintaining eye contact with them for at least four seconds.
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