15 countries where men struggle to marry (Due To A Shortage Of Women)

15 countries where men struggle to marry (Due To A Shortage Of Women)

The global population ratio of men to women has fluctuated throughout history, with each gender trading position. Today, the ratio of single males to single females is roughly equal, but there is a significant disparity within certain countries. There are several explanations for this, including violence against women, wars that have resulted in mass migration, and gender inequality, which has caused women to leave their home countries in search of better job opportunities. With that in mind, there are 15 countries where men are having difficulty finding a wife due to a lack of women.

15. Libya

Libya has the highest male-female ratio in Africa, with 1.07 males for every 1 female. For several years, the country has been embroiled in a protracted civil war, causing an exodus of otherwise vulnerable women. Add to that the traditionally oppressive role of women in Libyan society, and it’s no surprise that many women are refusing to marry their male counterparts.

14. Philippines

Filipino women are leaving for work in Australia, Asia, and even the Middle East, despite the fact that their country is one of the poorest in the Pacific. As a result, the gender disparity (currently 1.02 to 1) is widening. Recent statistics also show that the number of couples marrying has decreased, indicating that the problem may be related to a lack of females.

13. Iceland

Iceland is usually associated with two things: ice (lies!) and volcanoes. Bjork is literally the only notable person to have emerged from there (okay, that’s probably true). But there is another fact worth mentioning: Iceland has far too many men. Or there aren’t enough women. There are currently 1.7 percent more male residents, which means that many men are having lonely, candle-lit dinners by themselves. There was once a rumor that the government offered foreign women $5,000 if they married Icelandic men and settled in Iceland. It turned out to be false, with the government even issuing a statement denying it. Ladies, you can still fantasize, can’t you?

12. Norway

In recent years, men have outnumbered women in Norway, owing largely to immigration. Currently, there are approximately 12,000 more single men in the country. As one of the most liberal and equal countries in the world, there are some concerns that the gender population gap favoring males will jeopardize some of the advances made by women in recent decades. Time will only tell.

11. Iran

Males outnumber females in Iran for the first time in the country’s history. One factor has been that Iranian women are highly educated and frequently seek work in foreign countries that matches their skills. Add to that modern Iranian women’s reluctance to marry and start a family before they have established their careers, and it’s easy to see why Iranian men are having difficulty finding love.

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