15 ways to tell if your partner is cheating without proof

15 ways to tell if your partner is cheating without proof

No one wants to be labeled a “crazy girlfriend” or a “possessive boyfriend,” so even if we have strong suspicions that our SO is cheating, we try to dismiss them until we have hard evidence.

But you can’t do nothing if the signs are so clear.
You must investigate (calmly) and avert the problem before it permanently destroys your relationship.

To assist you, here are 15 tell-tale signs your partner is cheating, even if you don’t have proof.

1. They suddenly need their privacy

Your partner used to share everything with you, including email passwords, social media access, and phone numbers. Every single thing.

You didn’t request it. They gave it to you because they wanted you to feel like one of them.

Recently, however, they have been gradually removing your “privileges.”

They began by changing their email password, claiming that they were concerned about their account being hacked. Of course, they didn’t tell you the new password. And you didn’t see the need to request it.
The rest came after that.
They even require “me time” and must lock the door to their room if they are to be left alone.

2. They’re with you but their mind is elsewhere

You could be in the same room at the same time, eating or watching the same show. But it feels like they’re not quite there yet, and with their distance, you’re almost with a stranger now.

Their eyes are glassy, and they frequently ask, “Come again?” because half of what you tell them goes right over their heads.

They’re probably fantasizing about their new beau—perhaps they’re considering what gifts to buy or where they can afford to go on a date.

When you ask them what’s up, they’d mumble something lame and obviously made up like “Oh, I’m just thinking about work” or “I think I’m getting the flu.”

3. You catch them smiling for no reason

It hurts to see your partner get giddy and in love…but not with you.

Perhaps they thought they could hide their joy well, but it just shines through. They turn around or cover their faces, but it’s clear they’re overjoyed.

Perhaps your partner read their sweet messages, or perhaps the thought of them doing stupid things occurs to him or her.

It’s also evident in the way they move. As far as you are concerned, it may be a typical day. Even gloomy. Despite this, they’re hopping along, dancing on rainbows, and generally having a good time.

When you ask them what’s up, they’ll get strangely defensive and respond with “what?” instead of a straightforward answer. “How can I be happy?” or something along those lines.

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