7 Types Of Men Who Will Never Marry You

7 Types Of Men Who Will Never Marry You

Women go on a lot of bad dates before they find “the one,” and sometimes the burning desire for a soulmate is enough to lead us astray. This serves as a reminder to know your worth and never settle for anything less. However, navigating all of the red flags in the dating world to find a man who treats you well can be challenging. Some men are perfectly content to date for years but will not take the risk of proposing, even if you’re perfect wife material. Here are all the non-marriage material men to avoid.

  1. The clubbing enthusiast

You should probably avoid dating DJs as well. These guys suffer from “Peter Pan Syndrome,” or a lack of desire to mature and become adults. They only want to party and not think about their future. Being with the life of the party can be appealing, but it may be more practical to date someone who considers the future rather than just the present.

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