9 Signs That You Love Your Partner More Than He Does

9 Signs That You Love Your Partner More Than He Does

Finding love is a wonderful thing, but it is not always simple. While we’d all like to believe that love is always completely equal in a relationship, this isn’t always the case. We sometimes put more effort into a relationship than our partners, which is unfortunate because we love our partners more than they love us back.

Mutual love is a marvel, but what if you love him more than he loves you? Some may argue that if you’re on the same path as each other, it doesn’t matter if the relationship dynamic shifts in one direction or the other. If you want to know if the playing field is level, there are some telltale signs. Here are some signs that you may be more in love with him than he is with you.

1. You discover that you are not receiving as much in return.

This could be a sign if you’re always the one who is generous and initiates acts that aren’t reciprocated. If you find that your love is never reciprocated, from buying gifts to cooking and even bedroom habits, it may be time to admit that you love your partner more than they love you.

2. You are willing to sacrifice time with friends, but they are not.

If you’re usually the one willing to cancel plans or ditch friends, and your bae is hesitant, they may have the upper hand. You’re canceling because you want to spend more time with your lover or because you’ll be thinking about them the entire night out, but they might not be as accommodating about missing out on time with friends. To be clear, healthy time away from the relationship with friends is always necessary. Absence, as they say, makes the heart grow fonder.

3. You are more familiar with him than he is with you.

If you truly love someone, you should be interested in their life and retain information about them. However, if your significant other knows far less about you than you do about them, it could indicate that you care more. The same can be said if your partner isn’t open about their lives outside of the relationship.

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