9 Surprising Aftereffects of Falling in Love

9 Surprising Aftereffects of Falling in Love

9 Surprising Aftereffects of Falling in Love

Paulo Coelho said “There is no such thing as peaceful love. It is accompanied by agony, ecstasy, intense joy and deep sorrow.” Yet, he forgot one important consequence.

Without a doubt, falling in love has a number of intriguing secondary side effects. Let us examine them more closely.

Because the intense emotions and passion felt during the process of falling in love cause changes within humans. These are produced on both a behavioral and a physical level.

The consequences of falling in love

We’re dealing with a very complicated emotion. In fact, it has the ability to alter our perception of reality. That is the power of being in love. As a result, many scientific studies have focused on the changes that occur in the brain and the human body in general when one is in love. In fact, as we have demonstrated, some of these changes are truly unusual, strange, and intriguing.

1. Love alters your ability to focus.

Henk van Steenbergen of Leiden University in the Netherlands discovered the first of the side effects of falling in love we’ll discuss.

According to this researcher, people who are deeply in love have a difficult time performing tasks that require concentration and attention. This effect is most noticeable at the start of a relationship. This is when a significant portion of one’s cognitive resources are spent thinking about one’s significant other.

2. It completely euphorizes you.

When one is in love, one is exalted, according to Lucy Brown, a neurologist at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Her research is backed up by data from magnetic resonance imaging.
As a result, within the brain, an effect similar to that of psychotropic substance consumption is produced. This is how our neuronal network interprets it. We can even lose touch with reality and time in this state.

3. You become less pain sensitive.

According to Stony Brook University psychologist Arthur Aron, many areas of the brain activate during intense love. Some of the cerebral areas are the same ones that are activated when pain-relieving medication is consumed. It can sometimes be as simple as holding your significant other’s hand to achieve this effect. Isn’t it fascinating?

4. Falling in love causes you to walk more slowly.

Let’s look at one of the most intriguing consequences of falling in love. Could it be that we are so happy that we wish time would slow down? In any case, men are disproportionately affected. However, the truth is that the research is more mundane. This effect is simply the result of men matching the pace of their lovers while walking together.

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