Nagging Girlfriends Make Men Healthier

Nagging Girlfriends Make Men Healthier

This study found that girlfriends who nag or exhibit “irritating” behavior are actually gems who should be appreciated by their partners. So, if you’re a woman with a fiery personality, know that it’s not a bad thing — you’re actually lowering your partner’s risk of developing health problems like diabetes.

Having a strong personality may have some negative consequences, but this study from Michigan State University and the University of Chicago demonstrated its benefits, with an analysis proving that having a bad temper can impact certain health conditions.

1,229 people and their partners were polled on how satisfied and happy they were in their relationships. They were asked if they spent their free time together, how much trust and openness they felt, and what criticism or demands they thought were directed at them.

Women who responded positively had a lower risk of developing diabetes, which researchers explained was due to the intentional way women interact with their partners. This eventually had an impact on their metabolic health.

Men, on the other hand, had the opposite effect in the women’s study! Men who wrote responses indicating they were in relationships with women who liked control, made demands, and criticized them were less likely to develop diabetes in the future. In addition to lowering their risk of developing diabetes, the men in the studies improved their chances of controlling blood sugar levels once diabetes was diagnosed.

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