The Top 10 Most Bizarre Food Cravings That Come From Being Pregnant

The Top 10 Most Bizarre Food Cravings That Come From Being Pregnant

People have been coming up with new food combinations for years, and the majority of the time, such combinations have become universally recognized symbols. But there are certain people who get cravings for foods that are not yet recognized by the majority culture and are simply strange in and of themselves. Many women who are pregnant, as well as other oddballs who have unusual food preferences, have the impulse to combine flavors that are sweet, salty, sour, and spicy in concoctions that captivate some people and make others feel nauseated. Here is a list of the top ten most unusual food cravings that have ever been documented.

1. Pickled with Ice Cream

Pickles are a common craving during pregnancy; therefore, somebody who is infatuated with pickles would definitely eat the same foods as a pregnant woman. Pickles are delicious on hamburgers, but they also taste great when deep-fried on their own. That offer a crunch snap of saltiness to a sandwich and many other savory concoctions, but pickles should be kept very far away from ice cream because of its texture. The combination of the two ingredients makes our stomachs turn just thinking about it, but research has shown that pregnant women report that it tastes like nirvana.

Pickles and ice cream sundae

2. Toast with peanut butter and mayonnaise

Let’s try to relate to this one: maybe it’s just a small amount of mayo that adds a hot, buttery flavor to freshly toasted bread. But if the mayonnaise is liberally applied and the bread is cold, we’re going to call this a monstrosity. Only with jam, fruit, or honey should PB be permitted. In the worst-case scenario, if you don’t like sweet things, you can add butter.

3. Oreo Cookie and Smoked Salmon

Yes, we were astounded to see this craving that pregnant women apparently experience. A combination of chocolate, sweet cream, and fish is something we will never try in our lives. There are some things that should never be combined, and smoked salmon with any sweet delicacy is definitely one of them.

4. Yogurt-Dipped Hot Cheetos

We understand that hot Cheetos can set your taste buds on fire and make you reach for a glass of juice, but yogurt is a different story. Perhaps it tastes like a dip, similar to sour cream, but plain yogurt without any seasoning doesn’t sound all that appealing. Pregnant women have been known to dip these spicy Cheetos in strawberry-flavored yogurt! That is a unique combination.

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