Why Michelle Obama Wasn’t Impressed When She First Met Barack

Why Michelle Obama Wasn’t Impressed When She First Met Barack

Since they met in 1989 and got married only three years later, it’s safe to say that Barack did something right, even though their first meeting wasn’t exactly “sweep her off her feet” level. When they first met, it was not long after they had both graduated from Harvard. Both Michelle and Barack worked as summer associates at the same law company, where Michelle was starting her career. Barack didn’t wait long to ask her out on a date for the first time, but Michelle turned him down because she thought it was a total turn-off. At the time, Barack was also getting a lot of attention, but Michelle wasn’t sure if it was all worth it.

After eventually going on a date together and introducing Barack to her family, the same scepticism she once had was echoed by her bother Craig. They assumed Barack wouldn’t be there in the long run and would leave Michelle rather quickly. Naturally we all know that wasn’t the case. Barack had been smitten with Michelle since the moment he first met her and if you look at the couple today, he still looks at her with lots of love.

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