Alabama Barker critics ‘anxious’ for her brother Rocky as teen holds up baby with ‘long nails that knifed him up’

TRAVIS Barker’s daughter Alabama has sparked concern after posting a picture with her baby brother Rocky Thirteen.

The Blink-182 drummer and his wife Kourtney Kardashian, 45, welcomed Rocky in November 2023.

Travis Barker’s daughter Alabama has shared a heartfelt photo of her and her younger step-brother Rocky ThirteenCredit: Instagram/alabamaluellabarker

In November 2023, Travis and his wife Kourtney Kardashian welcomed the tiny totCredit: Instagram/ Travis Barker

However, fans were left worried about Rocky after looking at Alabama’s sharp nailsCredit: INSTAGRAM/alabamaluellabarker

Over the weekend, Alabama, 18, spent some bonding time with her younger step-brother and shared a heartfelt pic on her Instagram Stories.

In the snap, both Alabama and Rocky’s faces were hidden as the star held the infant up over her head and showing off Rocky’s coloful outfit.

Meanwhile, Alabama wore a loose-fitted red shirt along with silver jewelry.

“Love you my rock,” she captioned her post while adding the song Promises by Jhené Aiko to play in the background.

However, many fans feared for Rocky after taking note of Alabama’s spikey silver nails.


The photo was uploaded to a Reddit forum dedicated to the Kardashian/Jenner family where its users didn’t shy away from sharing their honest thoughts.

“Those nails with exposed fragile baby skin makes me anxious!” one commented.

Another replied, “Agreed poor little sugar prob getting knifed up with those acrylics.”

“Stresses me tf out,” exclaimed a third.

A fourth said, “This is cute tho,” with a fifth replying, “How is it cute when you can’t see anything but dagger nails?”


Last month, Alabama shared a sweet message to her step-mom Kourtney in celebration of her 45th birthday.

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On her Instagram Stories, the 18-year-old shared a snap of the two sitting next to each other while the Lemme founder was getting ready for her wedding to Travis.

The two lovebirds had a gorgeous ceremony at a lavish castle in Italy back in May 2022.

Alabama had her knees tucked up into her black graphic T-shirt while looking at her phone.

In the caption placed at the bottom right of the picture, it read, “I love you! Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and looking out continuously.

“You are a great role model and also make sure to teach me how to be a great young [woman].

“[You’re] so family-oriented and make sure to always put us first. It never goes unnoticed, thank you for being you.”

In the snap, Alabama held Rocky up in the air with her nails resting on Rocky’s skinCredit: TikTok/alabamabarker


Kourtney and Travis sparked dating rumors in early 2021.

In October of that year, Travis proposed to Kourtney on the beach in California.

In Febuary 2022, the two had a wedding in Las Vegas after the Grammys.

A few months later in May, then made it official at a court house in Santa Barbara.

Fans shared their honest thoughts on a the photo in a Reddit forum dedicated to the Kardashian familyCredit: Instagram/travisbarker

‘Those nails with exposed fragile baby skin makes me anxious,’ one wroteCredit: Instagram/alabamaluellabarker

Travis and Kourtney have not yet shared the face of their son to protect his identityCredit: Instagram/ Travis Barker

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