Angelina Jolie is the Cover Star of Vogue Japan July 2024 Issue.

Exploring the fusion of tradition, innovation, and sustainability with Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie covers Vogue Japan, photography by Takuya Uchiyama

The one and only Angelina Jolie takes the cover story of Vogue Japan Magazine‘s July 2024 edition lensed by fashion photographer Takuya Uchiyama. In charge of styling was Yoko Miyak, with prop styling from Takashi Imayoshi, and production by HK Productions. Beauty is work of hair stylist Massimo Serini, makeup artist Yuka Washizu, and manicurist Naoko Takano.

Jolie, renowned for her diverse roles as an actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian, has recently expanded her repertoire as an entrepreneur with the opening of Atelier Jolie in New York. This new venture focuses on sustainable fashion, which aligns perfectly with Japanese cultural values. Vogue Japan, recognizing her appreciation for the nation’s artisans, hosted Jolie on a bespoke tour across Tokyo, Osaka, and other locales, exploring the intersection of tradition and modern innovation.

Photography © Takuya Uchiyama for Vogue Japan

Photography © Takuya Uchiyama for Vogue Japan

During her visit, Angelina Jolie engaged with numerous artisans, each preserving centuries-old techniques. Her interactions, which surpassed language barriers, highlighted a mutual respect for craftsmanship. The Japanese concept of mottainai – emphasizing the importance of not wasting and respecting resources – particularly resonated with her. This philosophy mirrors her approach to fashion, which is evident in her New York store, where vintage fabrics and deadstock are revitalized, encouraging creativity among visitors.

In her conversation with Tiffany Godoy, Head of Editorial Content at Vogue Japan, Jolie discussed the profound impact of her experiences in Japan. She reflected on her journey from celebrity to artisan advocate, emphasizing how traditional practices can offer a respite from the relentless consumption cycle prevalent in Western culture.

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Photography © Takuya Uchiyama for Vogue Japan

Photography © Takuya Uchiyama for Vogue Japan

Jolie’s personal rebellion against mainstream consumerism stems from her punk roots, which advocate authenticity over adherence to fleeting trends. This ethos is palpably felt at Atelier Jolie, which she describes not just as a store, but as a communal home for artists – both established and emerging – to inspire and influence one another.

Despite her global fame, Jolie maintains a nuanced relationship with her celebrity, preferring to focus on creative and charitable endeavors rather than the trappings of Hollywood. Her longstanding commitment to humanitarian efforts continues, now more focused on supporting local and refugee-led initiatives directly.


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