According to, the Beetlejuice 2 footage at CinemaCon also included a brief clip of Jenna Ortega’s character being chased by a sandworm in Beetlejuice’s Saturn area.

This location was memorably traveled to by the recently-deceased Adam Maitland when he tried walking out of the front door in the original movie, and again later when Keaton’s character transported Barbara there during Beetlejuice’s climactic ending. Based on the latest teaser, Saturn and the sandworms are back, with Astrid being the franchise’s first living character to be seen chased by them.

Of course, the confirmation that Astrid will be chased by sandworms in Beetlejuice 2’s story begs the question of how she is transported to Saturn and ends up there alone in the first place. It had seemed as if the area inhabited by the sandworms was exclusive to the dead, as the afterlife newspaper that Beetlejuice read in the 1988 movie featured an article about increased sandworm attacks.

This either suggests that Astrid herself may die in Beetlejuice 2 or – more likely – that she somehow jumps through the afterlife portal in the Winter River house’s attic by herself, sending her into the dangerous unknown terrain of the afterlife’s realm.

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