Brendan Schaub responds to Ronda Rousey’s recent “mind games” accusations

Ronda Rousey’s (left) comments on her previous relationship elicits a reaction from Brendan Schaub (right) [Images via @rondarousey and @brendanschaub on Instagram]

Ex-UFC fighter Brendan Schaub is perplexed by an excerpt from MMA legend Ronda Rousey’s new book, ‘Our Fight: A Memoir’. In the book, ‘Rowdy’ shares details about one of her past relationships with a UFC fighter, heavily implied to be Schaub.

Rousey, now married with kids to former UFC heavyweight Travis Browne, once used to date Schaub. Although the 37-year-old never explicitly mentioned Schaub’s name in her book, she accused her ex of playing mind games during their relationship.

Rowsey also revealed that she felt immense satisfaction seeing Browne knock Schaub out when they fought:

“My ex thrived on playing f****d up mind games with me when I had a fight coming up… When Travis knocked him out at the end of the first round, I didn’t think it could get anymore gratifying.” [H/t: MMA Mania]

For context, Schaub’s 2014 fight against Browne ended in a vicious first-round knockout loss.

Touching up on Rousey’s statements in a recent edition of The Fighter and The Kid, Schaub stated that the former women’s bantamweight champion commenting on their relationship after all these years is unwarranted:

“But to bring it up 14 years later? I mean she has kids and I mean it obviously worked out [for her] and it’s just life. We weren’t a match. So when she says mind games, no, it’s not mind games. The mind games came up from, in all honesty, her camp. Like that was the trouble that she had and that’s a whole other issue that she can address. I have nothing to do with that.”

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Catch Brendan Schaub’s comments about Ronda Rousey below (34:42):

Ronda Rousey says Travis Browne said something “f*****g metal” to her knocked-out ex-boyfriend

In her new book, Ronda Rousey swore that she heard Travis Browne say her name over her knocked-out ex-boyfriend. An excerpt from ‘Our Fight: A Memoir’ reads:

“Travis towering over the crumbled, semi-conscious body of my ex, leaned down and said something to his ear. His words were indiscernible to the camera, but I swore I could hear Travis’ voice saying. ‘Ronda says, f**k you.’” [H/t: MMA Mania]

However, during a recent episode of Steve-O’s Wild Ride! podcast, ‘Rowdy’ clarified that her husband never said those words after the knockout:

“I don’t know if he wants me to say what he said, but it was pretty f*****g metal.”

Catch Ronda Rousey’s comments below (50:09):

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