Days after being “kicked & beaten” by her former boyfriend Sean “Diddy” Combs, Cassie Ventura was spotted in a 2016 video with bruises

Disturbing CCTV footage shows the alleged assault as Cassie is thrown to the floor and kicked

SEAN “Diddy” Combs’ ex girlfriend Cassie Ventura was seen with several bruises on her body just 48-hours after she alleges the rapper kicked and beat her up at a hotel.

Horrific footage appears to show Combs, 54, physically assaulting Cassie, 37, in a hotel hallway in 2016 leaving her on the floor motionless despite the music mogul denying any abuse claims.

7Cassie Ventura was seen with multiple bruises on her body just 48-hours after she claimed her ex Diddy assaulted her in a hotel hallwayCredit: BackGrid7Cassie also had a bruise on her left shoulder which could be seen when the pair went to a film premiere two days after the reported attackCredit: Getty7Horrific footage shows the alleged assault as Cassie was kicked and thrown to the floor by a man she claims was DiddyCredit: CNN7The moment a motionless Cassie was savagely booted in the hallwayCredit: AP

Two days after the alleged assault, the couple were seen on the red carpet holding hands ahead of a movie premiere with Cassie riddled with marks.

Three clear bruises can be seen on her legs with another nasty bump showing on her left shoulder.

Cassie first mentioned the March 5, attack in a lawsuit against the Bad Boy mastermind in New York in November 2023.

She made the bombshell allegations recalling that an “extremely intoxicated” Combs “punched her in the face, giving her a black eye”.

In the photos from the premiere of The Perfect Match Cassie doesn’t appear to have a black eye but several bruises are evident.

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The disturbing surveillance footage shows Combs, holding a towel around his waist, chasing after Cassie as she waited for an elevator at the InterContinental Hotel in Los Angeles.

Combs then forcefully strikes Cassie before throwing her on the floor and kicking her as she lies motionless.

The rapper grabs her bag and purse, continues his assault, and proceeds to drag her across the elevator bank into the hallway.

A second camera angle obtained by CNN showed the moments after the assault as Cassie slowly stood up to get her belongings.

Combs sits on a chair directly in front of a distraught Cassie as she tries to grab her phone.

Moments later, Combs grabs what appears to be a vase from a table and aggressively launches it at Cassie.

‘Diddy’ Sean Combs sued by ex Cassie for rape and abuse over ten years as rapper ‘vehemently’ denies shock allegations

Cassie’s attorney, Douglas H. Wigdor, described the footage as “gut-wrenching”.

Court documents read: “Ms. Ventura tried to leave the hotel room, but as she exited, Mr. Combs awoke and began screaming at Ms. Ventura.

“He followed her into the hallway of the hotel while yelling at her.

“He grabbed at her and then took glass vases in the hallways and threw them at her, causing glass to crash around them as she ran to the elevator to escape.”

In the lawsuit, Cassie claimed that Combs paid the same hotel $50,000 (£39,000) for the footage of the attack to keep it under wraps.

Cassie also sued her ex claiming she was raped alongside a range of other offenses.

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Both parties shockingly settled the entire lawsuit a day after the documents were filed in federal court.

Combs’ lawyer Ben Brafman spoke on the lawsuit at the time saying: “Mr. Combs vehemently denies these offensive and outrageous allegations.

“For the past six months, Mr. Combs has been subjected to Ms. Ventura’s persistent demand of $30 million, under the threat of writing a damaging book about their relationship, which was unequivocally rejected as blatant blackmail.”

He described the claims as “riddled with baseless and outrageous lies”.

Neither Combs nor his legal team have commented on the newly released video.

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Combs’ team for comment.

The pair first met around 2006 when Cassie was just a 19-year-old and Diddy was 37.

They started dating a year later and were on and off up until 2018.

It comes as a pair of homes linked to the hip-hop star were reportedly raided by federal agents, earlier this year.

Dramatic video showed the moment heavily armed Homeland Security officers descended on a home in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, in March.

Several individuals were later seen in handcuffs sitting on the lawn of the Holmby Hills mansion.

Homeland Security has been tight-lipped about what was being searched for but videos from the California raid showed it completely turned upside down.

Cabinets were thrown open and papers, clothes, and other items were scattered around the home.

As doors were ripped off their frames and secret safes expertly cracked open.

Diddy’s attorney, Aaron Dyer, blasted the raids as an “overuse of military-level force” in the team’s first remarks since federal agents stormed the properties.

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Dyer went on to clarify that Combs “was never detained but spoke to and cooperated with authorities.”

7The physical assault of Cassie was reportedly hidden after she claims Diddy paid the hotel for the footageCredit: CNN7Cassie made several bombshell allegations against her ex but settled them out of courtCredit: Steve Dennett7Combs was with Cassie for over a decadeCredit: Getty

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