Drew McIntyre Wants Promised World Heavyweight Title Shot at WWE Clash At The Castle

Drew McIntyre is hoping that the World Heavyweight Championship shot promised to him will take place at a show where the crowd is extremely in his favor.

McIntyre, already a three-time WWE World Champion, lost the title to Damian Priest at WrestleMania after Priest cashed in his Money in the Bank contract. Amid his war of words with CM Punk, McIntyre has insisted on receiving a rematch. On the May 13, episode of Raw, Priest promised the Scottish Warrior a rematch.

McIntyre On WWE Clash At The Castle

Though McIntyre has been promised a title shot neither he nor Priest shared when the match will take place. Sitting down with PW Insider, McIntyre shared his hope that the match will be at WWE Clash At The Castle: Scotland.

“I would love to have that title match if he [Priest] is still the champion in Scotland and finally have that moment with the title and actually keep the title. I could never have imagined it could potentially be in Glasgow. That’s my dream scenario.”

The upcoming June 15, show will be WWE’s second Clash At The Castle show and the first-ever Premium Live Event to come to Scotland. Understandably, McIntyre is excited that his country will soon have the eyes of the WWE Universe upon it.

“This is something beyond a dream, you know, I talked about for years… I’ve been asking since the day I was in WWE and I always heard the logistics excuse, this and this, then suddenly we’re doing shows all across the world places like Australia, they’ve got the craziest time difference.”

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McIntyre hopes to face World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest in Glasgow.

A CM Punk Problem

While McIntyre would love nothing more than to dethrone Priest in Glasgow’s OVO Hydro, the Judgment Day member isn’t the only star on Drew’s radar. Since CM Punk’s return to WWE, McIntyre has made clear his issues with the former AEW World Champion who essentially cost McIntyre the title at WrestleMania. Punk has teased showing up in Glasgow (perhaps disguised as a haggis) to confront McIntyre while the Scottish Warrior has made clear what awaits Punk if he tries to interfere at Clash At The Castle: Scotland.



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