GODS OF THE DEEP Charlie Steeds’ Lovecraftian sci-fi horror

‘A new depth of fear’

Gods of the Deep is a 2023 sci-fi horror film about a daring submarine mission into a mysterious opening on the ocean floor. The team uncovers a lost underwater world and unwittingly awakens its ancient race of otherworldly beings.

Reviews“Every time I thought the end was in sight, we’d take another fascinating and creepy detour. Gods of the Deep doesn’t feel too long, instead, it left me wanting more, without feeling too short or ending in an overly abrupt manner. If you are a fan of horror, cosmic horror, or Lovecraftian horror, you want to jump at any chance you get to see this movie.” 8 out of 10

” …the command center of the submersible is reminiscent of those found in classic Irwin Allen television series, and I mean that as a high compliment. The creature effects here are also endearing to monster kids like yours truly, giving the film additional charm. The story, conflict, and drama are all keenly developed, and Steeds paces the proceedings masterfully.”

” …logic gaffes became so frequent that the audience got into it. We entered the so bad it’s laugh-out-loud funny about halfway into the feature. The actors, all regular Dark Temple veterans, committed themselves fully to their performances. Unfortunately, the script let them down. Accordingly, you get wild moments of acting when calm acting is called for or vice versa.”

“Charlie Steeds has delivered ninety-seven minutes of wildly entertaining and energetic insanity. And that’s a welcome thing amidst all the dull and/or overly serious films we’ve been seeing lately, so turn your mind off and enjoy.” ★★★★

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